Strep B Positive

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Surprised - February 26

How did I get it and does it go away?


Nerdy Girl - February 26

It's not something you catch and it doesn't go away. There is acutally quite a large percentage of the population of women that carry Strep B as part of their normal v____al bacteria. It's just something that they started testing pregnant women for now in the past decade or so because they know that Strep B can cause problems to the baby if it gets in their eyes, ears, throat, etc. You will be given IV antiobiotics at birth, which will be pa__sed to your baby through the placenta. That way, if your baby is exposed to the Strep B during the birth, they are not at risk for any serious complication. I have it too and know several friends who have it as well. It's really not a big deal.


Nerdy Girl - February 26

I should have said that Strep B is totally harmless to you. It's really just a cause for concern with respect to the baby. Had you not been pregnant, you would never even know you had Strep B.


BabyGirl - February 26

I had strep B with my first baby! My doctor told me i have to get tested again for this one .. because every pregnancy is different and i might not have it this time ... but it is no concern to you or your baby , as long as you have a IV during labour and delivary! Dont stress about it ... its fine.


Nerdy Girl - February 26

That's weird, BabyGirl. I tested positive with my 1st pregnancy. With my 2nd pregnancy, they told me that there was no reason to retest because once you have strep B, you always have strep B.


BabyGirl - February 27

Nerdy Girl-- yah that is weird? i wonder why our doctors said to different things ?


Kel - February 27

I've read that is can come and go - that is why they test you so late in your pregnancy. Maybe that is why your doctors said different things. Of course, this is just something I read, so who knows if it is really thr truth! Its amazing what some doctors say compared to others. I have my test on Wednesday.


mama3 - February 27

I wasnt tested with my 1st baby, but that was almost 8yrs ago. With my 2nd almost 2yrs ago I was tested and told that I had it. They gave me 4 bags of anitbiotics during labor. They had my baby stay in the hospital for the whole 2 days. It can be a bit scary knowing your body can carry something that is so harmful and deadly to your baby. My dr will be testing me again with my 3rd. They said I probably will have it with this one since I was positive with my 2nd. My dr also told me that most women carry it and its something about are body change that can cause it to become active. My 2nd daughter who I tested positive with came out face up and swallowed fluid coming out. I was very scared at first. But the medicaine they gave me did its job. She didnt get harmed at all. So know I'm not worried. I know my 3rd girl (Kelly) will be ok....Though I havent been told if it goes away after your pregnancy. I deffinatly be asking my dr that next wk. Dont know why I havent ask that before, lol...


tjane - February 28

I also had it with my first, dont know about this pregnancy yet though....



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