Strep B Test Positive Anyone

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Jenn2 - May 16

I went to my doctor appointment today (I'm in my 37th week), and had my strep b test done at my last appointment. My doctor strolled in and said I was positive for it. It shocked me because I just did not know much about it, but he said that about 50% of women are carriers (but it does not mean you have strep b), he said its found naturally in the flora of some women. I will just have to have a anitbiotic administered right before she is born. He made it sound like it was no big deal, but I was just wondering who else has this, and what do you know about it?


Tye - May 16

I was told the same thing when I got the test. All it is is like a strep throat that a lot of woman have except it's in your rea down there and to avoid pa__sing it on to your baby during birth they give you an antibiotich. I tested negative- but I do belive that it isn't anything to be concerned about - it;s just a matter of knowing about it so it can be treated so your baby won't get sick. It's my impression that it is very common.


Ca__sie06 - May 16

I had a trace of it in a normal pap before I was pg and was told to alert the dr and make sure he checks for it, so I am sure I have it. My mom had it when she had my sister but they didnt test back then and she was really sick. I have heard it is extremely common and they give you antibiotics through an iv right before delivery and it doesnt pa__s on to the baby,


Ca__sie06 - May 16

Oh, and I am only 28 weeks, so I havent been tested for it yet.


AML - May 16

I tested positive for it (im almost 38 weeks) I was also born with Beta Strep...was in NICU for 10 days and my parents we told I would I am 22 years later....healthy! Apparently they didn't know too much about it then and weren/t too concerned with it. My dr. told me I will have an Antibiotic thru IV every for hours during labor and ti will immediately go to my baby and he should be fine. They arent worried that he will get it but they are being cautious.


Kvictor - May 17

I always test negative for the B strep but my first son ended up contracting it during labor. He had to stay in the hospital an additional week and he's fine today. When I got pregnant with my second son they administered antibiotics during labor and he came out healthy. They will have to do the same with this baby because of what happened with the first. Everything will be fine as long as they can give you the antibiotics during labor.


ash2 - May 17

i tested positive for it with my first one and again with my second. i am 38 weeks,and you will get an antibiotic ran through your vein, so the baby will not get it when he pa__ses through the v____al ca___l.


mia - May 17

Here in England they do not routinely test for strep B but i had a thrush infection thats how mine got found out.I have an older child and was never tested with him,he luckily was perfectly fine.I too have to have iv antibiotics 4 hrs before i give birth,my last birth was only 8 hrs and i was a little worried that maybe this one would be quicker and then what would happen if baby didn't get 4hrs of antibiotics,well my midwife said that it is a bit hit and miss but if baby didn't receive sufficient antibiotics then we would have to stay in hospital probably for 4 to 5 days .


Brandiena - May 18

It is important for the doctor to test for it and then administer antibiotics because it can get in the baby's lungs and cause possibly fatal complications for the baby, but as long as you recieve antibiotics you are protecting the baby from the infection. I had it with my last baby, and he was born perfectly healthy.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 18

My doctor tested me for it over two weeks ago and has not said anything else about it to me. I am a__suming I do not have it, or he has not got it back yet.



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