Stressed About Today S NST Is She Ok

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Mrs.Steve - October 8

Went to ob checkup this morning and all was fine. Had a schdeduled NST for an hour later and went to that. During the NST, the nurse said that the baby only reacted once during the half hour. So they sent me down to ultrasound. The ultrasound showed her moving and she seemed to be just fine. When I took the results back to the nurse, she really couln't reassure me any, only to say that maybe during the NST the baby was in a sleep cycle. Of course now I'm worried about something being wrong. I'm 36 weeks today and I can't handle this stress anymore. Could something be wrong? Or does it sound more as if she may have been asleep?


inuk-mama - October 8

what is an NST? It sounds like baby was just sleeping if everything showed up fine on the ultrasound


Tory1980 - October 8

A non stress test is usually done here over a longer period of time. If she was asleep then her heartrate would have basically been a steady line across the CTG paper. If the nurse suspected she was asleep she should have gotten you to drink something cold or eat something and move to your left side. I would say in all honesty she was probably sleeping as the scan showed all was well. At this stage babies have very definite wake and sleep cycles and if she was comfy very little was going to wake her up!


Mrs.Steve - October 8

Well, the weird thing is that when I first began the test, I had some cold water. I did feel her move 5 or 6 times during the test, and I pressed the b___ton each time. They just weren't showing a reaction. Does it sound like she still could have been sleeping even though I felt her move?


phillygir1 - October 8

Hey Mrs. Steve. I feel like I am the queen of NST because I have been going for one every week now for awhile. The trick is to eat/drink sugery things prior to the test. My little one failed the first and I had the u/s. She was fine, just sleeping. Now every week I go for one, I eat a banana and drink crandberry juice prior and along the way there i pop some starbursts. She reacted 2-3 times in 20 minutes. Also try pressing on the belly and getting her to move. It is stressful enough being pregnant...she will be ok. :)


docbytch - October 8

It's a sleep cycle Mrs Steve. My kiddo was sleepy on his last US too. They don't do the practice breathing when they are sleeping. I can also tell you that when my kiddo sleeps....he sleeps like a little slug. Not a peep for a while. As long as you are feeling movements and no obvious change in movement patterns you are okay. The "reaction" they are looking for is fetal heart rate accelerations. She did have one which is good. If I recollect you mentioned your baby tends to be a mellower baby.... This means a less reactive NST. My dd was the same way on her NST!


foxxy mommy - October 8

ok, i have had nst's twice a week now for 3 weeks. im also 36 weeks and have to continue them untili give birth. i cant really eat anything sugery because i have gd. and sometimes even if i drink water it doesnt help. im usually on the monitor for an hour and they always say shes sleeping but fine(they do an ultrasound everytime) i feel her move but its not active movements cause shes asleep so it doesnt show up. point is dont stress it, that IS something that will affect your baby, you dont need it at this time. trust your doctors, if anything is wrong im sure you'll be the first to know! good luck -christy


BriannasMummy - October 8

No worries.. definatly sounds as though your baby was sound asleep. I had to have an NST with both of my girls from 28 weeks on. They usually put me on the monitor for about a half hour.. if she was sleeping they have things right there available to wake her/him up. The thing that works the best is peanut b___ter. If youre not allergic.. you should bring some crackers and peanut b___ter.. before the NST.. also another good thing is cold apple or orange juice.. they really worked for me thats for sure. The good thing about NST's here is right after you hop out of the chair you go over to a bed in the same room for an u/s to watch for fluid levels and such things like that. The straight lines with hardly any accelerations usually mean that your baby is in sleep mode.. some babies just dont wanna wake up for some test!! lol. Try not to worry. ~Kristin~



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