Stretch Mark Cream What To Use Pls Help

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claire - November 30

What creams are recommended? with Zinc and with Vitamin A & E.........Its my first pregnancy and I wanna do it right, please help


chrissy - November 30

i had a baby 4 yr s ago and i am 9 months now i use palmer coco b___ter and a lot of my friends did to and we didnt get any strech marks .. we put it on at night every night and slept wit a soft shirt on it works


christie - November 30

if your taking a good multi vit. and eating well you shouldn't need any to worry about getting your vitamins topically. (you don't want too much of certain vitamins... A is one of them... its been clincally proven to cause cleft lips) Cocoa b___ter is great... go to your health food store... there are oil blends specifically for our big bellies and other body parts that may be getting bigger. If you are looking for an antioxidant cream with A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium in it there is a really good one called skin eternal... don't know who makes it. I've seen it in a few health food stores though. Hope this helps


Collisha - December 3

Clarins "Tonic" Works really good no stretch marks!


Lisa - December 3

According to research, there is no real way of preventing stretch marks, unfortunately. The reason why some women get them and some don't is because some women have skin that has more elasticity in it than others. I think there may be some creams that could help minimise them as the ones that have been suggested, but ultimately there is no real way of preventing them. You either get them or you don't.


Brittany - December 11

I am 30 wks. and I just started to get a couple of stretch marks. I tried using coco b___ter but it didnt help their appearnce at all. After that I started using a high-concentrated shea b___ter lotion and the stretch marks have already decreased in size and went from purple to light pink. It's working great so far!!


Melanie - January 11

OLIVE OIL!! This has worked for me! I am 39weeks pregnant and have used this my entire pregnancy and do not have one single stretch mark!!


pam - January 20

get mothers friend,have cvs pharmacy order for you. three children no stretch marks and I have very dry skin.


ff - March 31

I am of Turkish origin. My family and friends, everybody advised me to put almond oil so i had been using almond oil (but not every single day as my husband doesn`t like oily skin when i go to bed and i can only put in the morning if i don`t forget.)so far no stretch marks, but it may also be due to not that big tommy of this being my first pregnancy. (i am 37 weeks) My suggestion is start to use early , even as early as the conception or before.I only got my almond oil at the 4th month but before that i was putting creams or lotions.


Toya - April 1

Palmer's Cocoa B___ter Stretch Mark Lotion works very well! and vitamin E oil.


Danielle - April 14

I used Palmers Cocoa B___ter but it didn't work. The marks just appeared a few days ago at 25 weeks. My doctor says it's hereditary and there's really not much you can do about it, although creams may help them fade after delivery. I hope so!


Allison - April 14

I was told by my dermatologist years ago that stretch marks are caused by hormonal changes. Creams will help with the dry skin you'll most likely get while being pregnant. I had one little set of stretch marks on my lower belly after my first pregnancy, and asked my dr for a prescription of Retin-A. (Works great for stretch marks, scars, acne, and wrinkles!) The color faded and they became smoother after a few months of use. I have not had any stretch marks with this pregnancy.


Kymmi - April 14

Stretch marks are primarily related to ethniticity and genetics. Also, it really just depends on each individual's elasticity. You can try any of the above-recommended creams ( I've always used cocoa b___ter) but ulitmately, if you're gonna get them, there is really no real way of preventing them.



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