Stretch Mark Update

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Jl - August 9

Who's got them and who doesn't? If you have them, when did they first appear? I'm 30 weeks and (thankfully) haven't gotten any yet. I'm the queen of moisturizing with everything on this planet, but am wondering if they will start to appear in the next few weeks.


Julie - August 9

I didn't get them until after giving birth with my son. They were very low on my abdomen and they were white and have almost faded. This time I don't have any yet.


Narthax - August 9

I'm preg with my first and am also a moisturizing freak but i got them at about 34 weeks when the baby dropped they are really red but not to deep i'm hopeing they will fade


MichelleB - August 9

I am 38 weeks, and within the last week I have noticed lots of stretch marks on my b___bs, but nowhere else. I guess I forgot to moisturize those!


Julie - August 9

Also drink lots of water I heard that helps. Also if you mom had them you will probably get them too.


Heidi - August 9

I'm 30 wks and really bulging out but no marks yet! I use lotion but was told that your skin stretches from inside causing the marks, not the outside, so moisturizer is pretty much pointless and to count on your hereditary more than anything. I'm screwed then cus my mom's stomach looks terrible even 23 years after her last kid. Yikes! I've always had them on my b___bs from when I used to be on the pill and they'd go up and down in size. Just faint white lines though. Nothing real obvious though.


Sera - August 9

This is my first pregnancy and so far I use cocoa b___ter only but I really don't care anymore, I figured if they are going to show up they'll show up. I have them pretty bad on my b___sts. I don't think moisturizers really work because I used to rub everything including my b___sts with cocoa b___ter and still got stetch marks on my b___sts. Oh well.


belle - August 9

I am almost 32 weeks. I don't have them on my belly, but I have them on my b___bs! They just appeared out of nowhere! :( I don't know when I got them cus I try not to look at them lol.


Jl - August 9

I'm a freak about it. I started with Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream, then moved on to baby oil. Then, I went on to using pure vitamin E oil. Now I'm using Lubrederm (sp) with shea and cocoa b___ter. My mom said she did not get any until her third pregnancy...I also drink soooo much water everyday. I know it really doesn't matter in the long run whether I get them or not, but it would still be nice to escape without them. :)


Julie - August 9

My belly is covered with them, but my mom had them bad too so I think that makes a difference. I started getting them at 7 weeks in (I showed really early) and they have just gotten worse. I am 29 weeks now, and beginning to wonder if I will have any of my natural skin tone by the time I give birth or if my belly will be completely red!


KrisD - August 9

I am 37 weeks and my stomach is HUGE... No stretch marks yet, but everyone tells me they can come after the baby... I hope not. I moisturize like mad! My Mom never got them; hopefully I don't either. Who knows?!


Nick - August 9

I am 37 weeks with no stretch marks yet. My sister is 30 weeks and has had them since the first trimester. We both use Palmers and drink lots of water and of course share genetics. The only difference is that she popped out early and my weight gain was very gradual.


Amber M. - August 9

I am 34 weeks, and don't have any stretch marks on my belly, just on my hips...I think they started coming in at about 30 weeks. I use palmer's b___ter for stretch marks & St Ives w/ vit. E & Elastin, but I don't think moisturizing will really prevent anything from happening! Oh, well. Our babies are worth every one of those marks!


Nick - August 9

I just thought of something else. My sister had morning sickness. She threw up several times a day for a long time, so maybe she was not as hydrated as she should have been.


Babygirls1st - August 9

I am 36 wks and have around 2 or three right above my belly b___ton..I got those about 2 &1/2 weeks ago.. I keep cocoa b___ter on them to keep them smooth...My b___sts though have lots of stretch marks...those appeared out of no where at around 4 months..


S. - August 9

does anyone know if they do come AFTER the birth or before for sure? if youre lucky enough not to get them while pregnant, could they still come after or are you safe from the evil stretch mark by then? :)


KrisD - August 9

Hi S. The stretch mark cream I use says that it is important to use it after the baby comes, as that is the most common time for stretch marks to develop... But I do not know for sure. Also, some ppl at work told me that is when theirs came. So no, looks like we're not in the clear yet!!



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