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Jenny - December 10

I didnt get any stretch marks untill my 38th week of pregnancy. I started getting them on my hips . I am 40 weeks + 2 days pregnant and they are getting worse every day. I have not gained weight the last month, how can I now be getting them now? I use vit E oil but it doesnt seem to be helping. Any tips?


randi - December 10

consider your self lucky my stomach looks like i took a red caroyn and drew lines every where


c - December 10

try cocoa b___ter????


terri - December 10

try rubbing baby oil on your stomach..and than also putting it in your bath.. my friend did this with both pregnancies and she does not have a single mark.


j - December 10

i am 38 weeks and haven't got one.


lena - December 10

Stretchmarks are genetic, if your mom/grandmother didn't have them -- neither would you. And all the lotions and cocoa b___ters don't work, that's a proven scientific fact, women who say they used it and didn't get any stretchmarks would not have gotten them anyway. Stretchmarks happen in the deeper layer of your skin, and lotions don't even absorb that deep. The only thing those creams are good for is to prevent itching and dryness on the top elastic layer of skin. To make you feel better I got them EVERYWHERE, on my b___t, thighs, b___sts, stomache, and even a few on my calves. It's sad, but oh well.


rl - December 11

i use cocab___ter and drink tons of water..this is my 3rd and I don't have hardly any and the ones I do have are very very light from my first really is genetic though from what I hear


andrea - December 14

not only is it genetic, but also *age* is a key factor. Everyone woman I know that started having kids after 35 did not get any stretch marks-not one. The elasticity in your skin gets better with a little age.


d - December 14

Age is NOT a factor with stretch marks. I know plenty of women who had children under 25 and don't have any stretch marks. If this is true I'd like you to include the link so I can read about it. Jenny, have you tried taking (eating) vitamin E capsules? Also, try almond oil or apricot kernal oil. Wait until the baby is born and then use some Strivectin.


andrea - December 14

hey d-maybe you misunderstood what I said. I know some people who are under the age of 25 and don't have stretch marks, too. But as you get older the chances of you getting stretch marks are alot slimmer. If you don't agree with me saying age is a factor, then I'll say Elasticity of the skin is a factor-and you're skin gets stretchier with age. Is that better Also, I'm sorry, but I don't have that link you were asking for. It's called "that's what the doctor told them" and they told me. Does eveything on this forum need to be well researched before we can form and express and opinion? Just to remind you of what I'm goes like this........Say a 20 year old got pregnant and got stretch marks really bad......I'm saying if that same 20 year old were to have waited until she was 35 her chances of getting stretch marks that bad would be very low. ELASTICITY!heard of it?


Samantha - December 14

Jenny-my dermatologist told me that I could use Mederma for Scars on the stretch will make them fade away-but it will only work on the ones that are still pink, not if they are white.. :) good luck, mama!


Natalie - December 15

rub wheatgerm oil into them, it helps to provide extra stretch to the skin. however unfortunately, once you got them they just stretch further and further



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