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Sharona - January 5

When did you start noticing stretch marks? Im 29 weeks and gained about 27 lbs. already. It seems like Ive been showing since the third month, but I couldve been bloated. :) Anyways, I haven't gotten one stretch mark. Im just afraid in the last couple of months Ill blow up and get them everywhere. Did yours wait till the last minute to show themselves?


Sharona - January 5

Sorry... I just noticed someone else posted this question


Ange - January 6

I had o sign of stretch marks until about 35 weeks, they were very faint but became more noticable at about 38 weeks. The strangest thing is they became 100 times worse AFTER giving birth. Now 4months pp they have gone from being bright purple/red to very faint, but still there.


courtney - January 6

i got a couple around my 29th week. and yes, i started to b__w up around 32 weeks, and they showed up everywhere. but i REALLY suggest the clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion. it faded them from PURPLE to a light pink already, been usin it for about 3 weeks now. im still pregnant though, due 6 days ago!!! and ive heard they get worse afterwards also, so im gonna start stocking up on diff. lotions!!


sarah513 - January 6

im 28 weeks and mine are disappearing from before i got pregnant.. weird... im also losing a lot of weight so thats why i guess..


andrea - January 6

with my first, I got them in the last months. But mine immediately got better after I gave birth. They didn't disappear, but they faded and shrunk. When your belly is all big and round they look alot worse, but when you lose that belly, the stretch marks shrink a bit.


Girl Gilly - January 6

I am at 28 weeks and haven't really noticed any yet - I have my husband check for me. I think there may be a few on my hip towards my back but that is it. I am a little nervous wondering if they will just show up at the end.


anita - January 6

i read the post about there being nothing you could do to get rid of them once you have them, but what about prevention? i'm slopping on the cocoa b___ter anyway...just in case!


Sharona - January 6

Ive been using the Palmers stretch mark lotion since my 12th week, preventative methods I guess :) Hopefully that will help.


anita - January 6

i use palmers too, but i use the really thick kind. i don't have any stretchmaks yet, but lets see what happens. i'm only 30wks and alot can happen in 10wks. good luck and i wish us both a stretchmark-free pregnancy. :o)



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