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vanja10 - January 18

ok, well, this is my first pregnancy and i'm 33.5 weeks. I thought i was going to go w/out getting stretchmarks, but 2 weeks ago they started appearing on my stomach. I had a few on my thighs, which I didn't really care about, but today at work this lady pulled up her shirt and showed me hers and now i keep having that image in my head... she was pretty skinny and they looked so big... now i'm petrified of what mine will look like after i give birth... They are under my belly button and thin lines, i think i'm more scared of stretch marks then labor now.. :( I've been putting palmer's cocoa butter, but can i get some opinions if anyone had issues with their stretch marks..


yaas - January 18

hey vanja_ i am a week behind you so far i haven't had any, but what color are they?are they in red color and are they lines? i've been using palmer's cream too, but my doc said it really depends on the skin. and you should not scaratch your skin eben if its itching.i am scared of them too, i have seem my friends belly and its not beautifull really to look at. i don't wanna get them either . ow many times a day do you use the cream?


Scarlet101 - January 18

Hi Vanja - Im 33.5 weeks too and so far so good - My partner's a pharmacist and recommended I use a product called Bio-Oil which I never have more than 1 metre away from me now! Im based in the UK though so if you're USA Im not sure about availability?? If you can get some though I would - I love it - smells better than Palmer's too!


Gretta - January 18

Cool!! My sister-in-law brought me some bio-oil from the UK when she came over its really nice!! Not oily like baby oil.


DB - January 18

My b___t and thighs are covered in dark purple stretch marks and my skin is about as white as you can get so it's pretty ugly. I'm blessed I didn't get any on my belly (I'm 38 1/2 weeks now), but I think it's because when I gain weight it goes to my b___t and thighs and that's why my stretchmarks are there. When I worked in retail in college there was this cream called Stri-Vectin that is supposed to be really good for fading stretchmarks (after you deliver, not before!!)..It's pretty expensive, but all the customers I talked to said it worked awesome. I know I saw it at Macy's. I'm going to try that for the one's on my thighs and b___t after the baby's born. Good luck.


cindernar - January 18

Vanja, I didn't get them until late in my pregnancy with my other son, and surprisingly, they went away! I don't know if that's typical or not. I thought that once you got them you were pretty much stuck with them, or they would just fade. But mine were at the bottom of my stomach as well. And I didn't use any cream. Maybe that will happen to you too.


firedoor05 - January 18

Hey there...I'm 38w5d and if it makes you feel any better.. your stretch marks sound like a dream compared to mine. I guess it's a personal sacrifice for a healthy baby. Mine are really deep and cover my whole belly, my sides, & my thighs. They definitely have made me cry. I tried using cocoa b___ter, because that's what everyone tells you to use.. but don't!!!! i went through about a tube a week and was using it on my belly about 4-5 times a day. However, I was thrilled when I went to Bath & Body Works and found something AMAZING. It's called Lay It On's a little expensive, $20 bucks a tube (bigger than palmer's), and it's great. I only have to use it once in the morning and once before bed and it makes your belly soooooo soft and your skin much more pliable (feels like). It's great though, and I would have spent more money by now on Palmer's, cause it's over a month now and I still have that same tube from B & BW. Just my opinion! By the way, it hasn't gotten rid of my stretch marks, of course, but they haven't gotten worse like they did with Palmer's.


vanja10 - January 18

yaas- they are light purple, but i've noticed that depending on how the baby is lying, sometimes they are visible and sometimes they are not.. this morning i woke up and there is nothing there.. Weird.. cindernar - i'm hoping mine at least fade a little bit.. I don't mind if they are lines, but this lady that showed me hers, they were not lines, her skin was totally different texture..guess this is the price we pay to have kids.. :) firedoor05 - I'll check out the cream,since the one from UK won't be available 2 me!


redhead125 - January 18

I agree. I just found mine a few weeks ago and I cried like a baby. I keep remembering how my mother's stomach looks and don't want mine to look like that! Keep moisturizing (it has to help in some way), but you may want to check with a dermatologist when you're all done procreating & b___stfeeding. You can get some heavy duty creams that will help diminish the appearance of the marks.



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