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jenna32 - October 17

what is everyone planning to use after pregnancy for them? i am wondering what works and what doesn't. i have heard moisturizing lotions will work so i was going to just get olay quench,it worked good when i used it before, then i heard cocoa butter and vitamin e, i'm not sure what to go with.


c_baer19 - October 17

Nothing really works, I hate to break it to you! They do start to fade over time, my DD is almost 3 months and all of mine have just started to fade. I hear pure Vitamin E oil works, but I used it and it didn't make any difference for me.


josie4 - October 17

I'm not going to use anything because I don't think anything will help. I think they'll fade a lot on their own. I used to be quite overweight (years ago) and lost a lot of weight and the stretchmarks I had from that faded significantly. I think these new pregnancy stretchmarks will fade too.


socurbaby7 - October 17

well... if ur thinkin about using something use it during the pregnancy too because as ur skin streches if u use the vitamin e and cocoa b___ter it will help keep ur skin moisturized and allow it to be more elastic instead of streching like it does when ur preggo... but it is good to use after pregnancy too i hear... i am not big at all.. but i have this vitamin e spray i put on every day after i shower and it makes my skin feel great... and i dont have ne strech marks yet


Cevvin - October 18

Nothing worked for me either. I had my baby 7 months ago and mine are still bright read, and now im 13 weeks into the 2nd pregnancy. And im already showing.


evae777 - October 18

socubaby7, if you don't mind, can you tell us what the Vitamin E spray is that you use? i would love to try it... anything can help! also, how often do you guys moisturize your tummy? is 2 times a day good enough?


cfuller - October 19

i have been smearing cocoa b___ter on my hips, thighs, b___t and stomach since the moment i found out I was pregnant. I put it on everyday after I get out of the shower and I have yet to get any stretch marks. Every person is different though and I think it makes a difference depending on the elasticity of your skin. Next time try moisturizing right from the get go and it should minimize stretch marks



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