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1Sttimemomy - July 8

when did you get stretch marks how far along are you ?i am 32 wks and don't have any yet but i am very scared i might get them soon .what should i do i have heard it is genetics weather you get them or not and lotions don't work .


melanie - July 8

I have 4 kids and never got any. My mom never got any either.


sfrias - July 8

Three weeks ago I was so scared, I woke up and while having breakfast I saw something that I swore it was a strech mark. I was wrong... it was just that my skin had some marks from when I slept (it took two hours to fade). I am 30.5 weeks and I have not gotten any strech mark. My mom did not get any, and my doctor says that although lotions might help a little bit, it is genetic. Just in case I am putting lotions everyday. Let's cross the fingers and hope we do not get any.


Lashunda - July 8

I seemed to get more stretch marks now (9th month) I had some with my first daughter but now its like they're continuing from the old one's. Very irritating.


apr - July 8

Just be happy you dont have them. I am 37 weeks and they only started by me around 34-35 weeks , and they are really awful. It looks like someones scratched my entire abdomen. Hope they go away after birth...


GLORIA - July 8

I definitely think much of it is genetic. And some is due to the weight you gain. My birth mother had 9 babies. Including one set of twins.(Me and my twin sis!). She never got one stretch mark. My adoptive mother gave birth to 7 and good golly her belly looks like a four wheeler track. Her only daughter (biologically)and grand-daughters both have gross looking strecth marks. My two nieces(from my adoptive family) who are the same age both got them really horribly. 'N' gained alot of weight and had them all the way up her back and down her thighs. They wer horrible. Then when 'K' got pregnant she swore she wouldn't look like 'N'. She used lotion ritually. She never got one stretch mark until her 8th month then "sha-pow" she had them all over, worse than 'N's' . I was so grossed out whenI saw them. Having them babies, they were both 18 really messed up their cute little bod's. I am pregnant with my 3rd boy. My first two wer pretty healthy boys...Not one stretch mark yet. I am 38 weeks and 1 day. I'm scared to death to go past full term because my chance for stretch marks will increase. If you haven't got them yet just watch what you eat and try not to get too big. Keep on with the lotions. P.S. I used cocoa_b___ter creme.


Tanya2 - July 8

I didn't get any with my first pregnancy and now I have them all over. I thought I wouldn't get them so I'm so upset about it, I'm only 32 weeks meaning I could get more and more. Ahhhhhh!!!!


Erynn21 - July 8

It really does come down to genetics, I am also 32 weeks and haven't had any(knock on wood). My mom had a couple tiny ones, I was talking to my MIL yesterday and she had 7 kids and didn't get a single one. I also have heard it depends on how you grow, if you have a huge growth spurt your skin my not be able to stretch, I still can puff my stomach out(way out) and it doesn't hurt my skin, it really just depends on your skin. I still am putting coca b___ter lotion on because it makes my belly look really glowy and beautiful, and it feels great, so I will continue. My MIL swore by it, so I guess I'll take her advice.


MEO - July 9

I think what you have heard is right - 99% genetic. My mom says she didn't get them/got a few under her b___sts. I didn't have any until about a week ago (they appeared end of 38th week) and they are pretty tame - all below the navel etc although they itch - that's annoying. Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have been ma__saging lotion onto my belly daily but who knows if that has staved anything off - the physiology of stretch marks is that your skin stretches and as it stretches, the underlying connective tissue (collagen fibers etc) tries to stretch with it and if it can't keep up, you get tearing of the collagen fibers which is what we call stretch marks - connective tissue of that kind doesn't repair itself really so that is why they are "permanent" (not the color of them, just their existence). My theory is that if anything can combat genetics here it is increased circulation to the collagen fibers to enable them to stretch with the overlying skin without the tearing, so my ma__saging has been, in part, to try to increase circulation to the connective tissue on my belly. Also I talk to my baby during that time :) This is just my take on the whole stretch mark thing.


flower.momma - July 9

I got them like crazy with my first. It looked like I got attacked with a cheese grater! With this one, I'm not even worried about it, the damage has been done.


olive01 - July 10

I "haven't " gotten any yet either expect I refuse to believe it because a little after my sister gave birth she had the dark thick ones & the white little ones. her tummy looked like a wrinkly marshmellow for a while. so really theres no telling what your stomach will look like after birth, but permanently the white small ones aren't as harsh .. I do however have the dark ones under my b___bs.


itsapinupthing - July 10

i got mine at 28 weeks :(


Corrine321 - July 10

I started getting them at 36-37 weeks... mine are fading alot now...and i had my dd 3 weeks and 4 days ago


Kspa - July 10

I am not sure how much genetics plays a part. I got stretch marks during puberty on my hips and b___bs. I have not gotten any marks during the pregnancy so far (36.5 weeks) and I have a belly measuring that of 40 weeks (and have for several weeks). I have made sure my diet is quite good: lots of water, veggies, fruits, fiber, low sugar, etc. and vitamins including extra vit e. I think the diet makes a huge difference.


Michelle C - July 11

i got stretch marks on my b___bs at only about 4 1/2 months....i grew 2 cup sizes VERY quickly, from a B to a D,i used lotions everyday and still they came, i am 33 weeks now and as of 3 weeks ago i started getting them on my belly. ive gained 30 pounds so far and started off at 135lbs so im 165 now. I look like i have A BRAIN ON MY BELLY!!! its kinda gross looking but ya know what, i love being pregnant and if this is the price to pay then its worth it.


MEO - July 11

yah, if you get them, what can you do? Oh well. Like you said, pregnancy equals baby and if stretch marks are gonna happen, then so be it. I told my husband that if I get them (which as I said have started to now) he better like them because that is his job. lol



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