Stretch Marks When Did You Get Them

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Nita_ - June 15

I've been applying cocoa butter religiously every day after showering all over my br___ts and tummy and also on my thighs and bottom. Have some stretch marks from earlier when I was a little fat. But haven't seen much with the pregnancy. This is my first, so was wondering when you got yours (if any) around what week. Somebody in my office said you get them AFTER birth which shocked me, because I thought I passed the hurdle! I do see some smooth skin right around my navel area, are those stretch marks too? I thought they are supposed to pink/white etc..any help?


Nita_ - June 15

And ohhh forgot to ask, do you ever lose the stretch marks? or they are in forever! :(


Victoria_1985 - June 15

Hey Nita I'm 36 weeks with my first baby and I have strech marks on my b___t and thighs, there red and purple, They turn white when they are older....I think...I'm hoping they go away soon after I give birth


EricaG - June 15

I have horrible stretch marks on my thighs, some on my b___t, hips, and b___bs, I am 32 weeks and am now getting them on the under side of my belly. Want to know the weird part? I have LOST 15 lbs during my pregnancy. My thighs are thinner, my b___t is practically gone and my hips are also more slender. I don't know why I got stretch marks because I haven't gotten any bigger, I've gotten smaller. Mine are redish purple but the fading ones on my thighs are lite pink, some have turned a silvery color. When stretch marks get older they turn silver. unfortunately they are forever. They become less noticable but only laser treatments can make them disappear completely. I think the last month and a half is when you start getting them bad on your stomach because that's when you get really big ,lol.


Alycia - June 15

I didn't - yea! I used cocoa b___ter every day on my stomach and b___sts, but I suspect it does nothing because I did get a few stretch marks on one b___b. Better there than my stomach, though!


Atarahsmommy - June 15

EricaG, to answer your question (though I am not a doctor or anything) one reason you get stretch marks during pregnancy is due to the hormones, why exactly I'm not sure, so even if you don't get very big (or loose weight) you can still get them. And there is another way to get rid of stretch marks its a cream you can use after you give birth, unfortunatly after the marks get old and turn silver the cream doesn't work very well, and you can't use it while b___st feeding, so thats not an option for me, luckily I haven't gotten them anywhere that anyone see's except dh (yet anyway, 35 weeks now) so I'm not too worried I guess


Kspa - June 15

I haven't gotten any yet (almost 33 weeks) and am crossing my fingers. And my belly is BIG...measure 4 cent ahead. I heard that lotions DO NOT work. I still use baby oil w/ aloe and vit e b/c I get itchy. The lotions cannot pentrate the level in the derma where the marks show. It's all about genetics, good diet, lots of water and vitamin e pills. This is what I heard....we will see :)


dee23 - June 15

when i hit 34 weeks i didnt have any. although that week i heard that some ppl dont make it past 34 weeks woithout getting any....and i was like woohoo....but a few days later i got silver ones on the underside of my belly.....great luck. although i havent been using any creams at all. i had cocoa b___ter designed for stretch marks but it kept on making my skin really well as the oil that is ment to stop the itching only made it worse....but my mum got them all over her belly after having me...tis a genetic factor.


Trinity102203 - June 15

I didn't get not one stretch mark with my first baby. This time, even with rigorous lotion application and lots of water, I gained a lot more weight so I got them on my b___t and b___bs. I don't have any on my stomach yet, but I am officially overdue, so they could be popping up at any time now.


foxhoundsrgr8 - June 16

Well, I gave birth after 40 weeks and 3 days, and I never got them (not even now)..However, I have been working out throughout my entire pregnancy, drank lots of water, and ate healthy..In the end, I'm about 4 lbs heavier now than I was before I got pregnant, but I'm also b___stfeeding, so my b___bs probably weigh more as well...I only used baby oil and body lotion for dry skin though, so I don't think it's the lotions you put on that make the difference...


yourtrish - June 16

Wow. I can't beleive that Foxy/etc. only gained 4 pounds! My doctor would FREAK out. Were you heavier to begin with? Because my doctor was upset with me for only gaining 5 pounds by month 7 and I had surgery and a low-fat diet because of gallstones! Anyways, as long as you're healthy and so is the baby, I guess that's all that matters. I haven't noticed any stretch marks either, but I do notice my thighs have gotten much thicker and I'm starting to have more cellulite, despite a minimal weight gain. Does anyone else notice parts of their bodies changing. A lot of the other woman in my pre-natal course seem to have gotten thicker in the thigh-trunk area as well. My cousin told me our pelvis area expands for child birth, which I guess makes sense...can anyone else relate?


Victoria_1985 - June 16

YOURTRISH-I can relate! My thighs have gotten so much bigger over the past month, making more strech marks! My doctor said that I have a wide pelvis too so that could be a reason why...the more I strech the more my skin rebels!!! GREAT! My b___t has also expanded a bit too! My strech ,marks are red and purple, I'm hoping that they'll fade a bit...fingers crossed!


foxhoundsrgr8 - June 16

I was 112 at 5'6" pre-pregnancy, so I don't think that's overweight;) I've kept really fit though and been eating extremely healthy throughout, making sure that I took in all the right amounts of nutrients and vitamins (I've been splurging since his birth though..). At the end of my pregnancy I weighed 130 lbs, but now, a week later I weigh around 116-120, depending on the time of the day. My son had a 10/10 on the Apgar and is extremely healthy and fit, in fact so fit that he could already lift his head at 3 days old and I'm not joking!


moucheka - June 16

I'm at 32 weeks and I had some small ones (1/4 inch) appear at week 30. I thought I was going to make it but they came and haven't gotten much worse. I don't believe lotions work but I do use them as they feel and smell nice. It depends on your speed of weight gain, genetics and skin elasticity. My mum had five kids and hasn't got a single one, my sister who has two kids is covered in them.


Mommy_Erin23 - June 16

If your pretty far along chances are you got off pretty lucky, though you may get a few right at the end when things are really stretching and your hormones are out of wack. With my first pregnancy I got stretch marks down from my arm pits to the back of my legs (Ewwee I know ) and I used every kind of b___ter you can buy:P they showed up around six months and got worse right to the end. The ones on my stomach, which were really bad, faded really well after only two months but I dont think they ever go away completely. Vitamin E serium (the really sticky stuff in the small bottle) works really well after the fact the tanning helps a lot too. If your really unhappy you can get them lazered too I think, though Ive never looked into it myself.



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