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Lindsay - December 30

Ok, Im not selling anything here, Im just tired of reading these boards and hearing the same old c__p about stretch marks. I got some when I was 12 on my thighs and they devastated me. I have tried everything, I have read everything. I've talked to laser surgeons, patients, and doctors. I talked to over 20 dermatologists. Im 23 now, I have 11 years of research under my belt about this, please read my post and let me rest my eyes a bit from the stretch mark remedy conversations. Creams do not work, no topical treatment can work because it does not penetrate to the skin that rips, it doesn't matter how expensive the cream is, it just cannot sink in deep enough to make a difference. If you buy them you are wasting your money you could spend on things that might help- nutrition and laser therapy. The creams are only good for itching due to the stretching skin, and yes, people will lie to you to take your money. Merderma is a medicine you can use after stretch marks to lessen their appearance although it will not make them go away, is quite expensive, and ONLY works on new, red marks, not old silver ones, it only works to turn the red ones into silver ones- which does make them look better but you can still easily see them. It does not prevent them. Your only other after-the-fact option is a new laser in LA at the Epione clinic called the Coolbeam Laser, it completely removes both old and new stretch marks with 4 or so treatments depending on your skin's response to the therapy. It is ONLY available in LA, the doctor at that clinic invented it, and the treatments are obviously very expensive, $1000 per treatment per area. However if you are loaded, or really disturbed by your stretchmarks, its an option. There is a video of it working on their site The laser was also on the news where a supermodel was having some on her hips removed. It works, its just expensive. Other than that, forget your creams. I keep hearing people saying "I used cocoa butter since 1st tri and I have none." Honeys, you aren't dermatologists, listen to the Drs, its not the cream that saved you, its your genetics, good hydration, and/or superb nutrition. Other lasers work to reduce, but do not completely remove in most cases, but not all. Some people won't respond to them at all, and there is no refunds for your money, I wouldn't recommend them, I've talked to a lot of p___sed off patients. If you spring for the laser, go to the epione clinic. A regimine of 300 mg of pantothenic acid, 1000 mg of vitamin c, 600 IU of vitamin E, and 15-25 mg of zinc (which is also known to clear cystic acne) could also help support your nutrition and skin elasticity. HOWEVER, I am not sure this is safe to follow for pregnant women, you'll have to find out for yourself by asking your OB, whether it is good or not will be specific to you. Stay very hydrated, with water and nothing else. Eat healthy, and don't have any rapid weight gain of your own fat deposits during your pregnancy. On your br___ts wear a really good support bra or bind them with an ace bandage, on your belly wear a good maternity belt, this will help support your skin, a lot of women gets marks at the end when their baby drops in the pelvis and the skin on the bottom of their stomachs gets that extra stretch. Other than this advice there is nothing else known to medicine right now, this is it, trust me. In 11 years I have turned over every stone there is, there is no more to know.


Ginny - December 30

Wow, you have really done your research! I'm one of those people with bad genetics (stretchmarkwise :) and it does get old listening to people who think they know something you don't, just because they don't have stretchmarks. No offense to anyone - it's just that there is no hope, and I know it! I drink tons of water, I have been eating very healthily for my baby, I lotion up after every shower and sometimes before bed, and I have only gained 25 pounds through my 37 weeks - and I have stretchmarks all OVER the place! I started getting them immediately as I started showing. I just don't have elastic skin. Thanks for being frank, Lindsay! Stretchmarks are just a burden we'll have to bear.


StephanieT - December 30

I'm 32 weeks and have only gained like 10 lbs. But I started getting stretch marks right after I found out I was pregnant, plus I was in maternity clothes before I was 12 weeks. So it really has nothing to do with weight gain.


Emy - December 30

I think it has most do with genetics. My mom never got them with any of her 3 pregnancies and I look like I won't get them either - so far.....


Ginny - December 30

Emy - lucky you! My grandmother only had one stretchmark, throughout her 6 pregnancies! Somehow that gene missed both my mother and me.


rl - December 30

you are very lucky to have found this and can afford it I am lucky prego w/3rd and hardly have any and the ones I do have are from my first and you can barly see em


courtney - December 31

i disagree lindsey. i found a cream that took the color out of my stretch marks in a few weeks. it must just depend on the person!


Bridget - December 31

I think you are right Lindsay. I haven't gotten any yet and neither did my mom with 4 pregnancies. An ultrasound tech told me that it is primarily genetics. I also eat b___ter and cheese and drink whole fat milk and eat ice cream almost every day and my cholesterol was 131 (high is over 200 or so) on my last blood test, the dr. said I was lucky to have good genes, because that's why it was so low, considering my diet and age (39). But I still use creams anyhow, they help with the itch and cocoa b___ter and coconut body b___ter from the Body Shop smells sooo yummy, LOL.


Lindsay - December 31

Im just repeating what Drs have told me, I doubt anyone on this board has done the research I have. Connections can be made from anything, but only clinical tests with controls can even begin to a__sume facts. The creams dont work, only the ones with medicines in them even lessen the appearance ( I mentioned mederma, there are others like it such as strivectin) , there is no prevention and other than the one laser I mentioned, and oddly enough for a few women- getting pregnant again- can completely treat them where they dont show at all. Read my post before you disagree, I mentioned medicines might lessen appearances, but the cocoa b___ter stuff nor mederma/strivectin/whatever courtney took will prevent. Sorry, tough c___p, but its the truth. Just trying to save people some money because frankly I think its sick companies are targeting pregnant women to spread their lies and give false hope.


to Lindsay - December 31

I think it's genetics. I've had them on my thighs, b___sts, legs, & lower belly since I was about 10. But they don't traumatize me. I hardly gave a thought to them after they faded from the initial purplish-red to whitish. "I don't need anyone to hold me/ I can hold my own/ I've got highways for stretchmarks... see where I've grown?" -Ani DiFranco


to lindsay - December 31

wow, this is a very touchy subject for you!


Lindsay - January 1

apparently, it is for a lot of pregnant women, person without a name ^ Im just trying to help, otherwise I wouldnt share my knowledge.



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