Stretching Of Cervix

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Kim - February 16

Hey everyone! Well I am 39 weeks today and still nothing. This is my third pregnancy, my two boys were both early, I had my first when I was 35 weeks and my second at 36 weeks, and so my doc and I were expecting this one to come early...ya right!! So anyway my question is this...I went to see my doc today and he stretched my cervix, he said this usually brings on labour within 24 to 48 hours. have any of you ever had this done before? And if so did it actually work? I am due on the 25th of this month and if this stretching of the cervix doesn't work we will be inducing on the 28th....I am so looking forward to having this baby....anyway let me know if you've had this done... take care :)


eve - February 16

i had that done. afterwards i went out shopping alot of walking and ate some soincy food. by 6pm that night i had started labour. so it worked for me. good luck keep us posted


BigBelly#2 - February 16

Did this procedure hurt a lot? I know that last week, my Dr. checked for dilation and just checking my cervix was very painful......I can't imagine them stretching it too!! I have another appt. today in just a few hours......wonder what they will do today........


eve - February 16

it didnt hurt me, but the baby was sitting low on my bladder so i wasnt very comfortable to begin with. probly diff for everyone,


Kim - February 16

wow thanks for letting me know how it went for you. I'm so and you know it didn't hurt for me either, I'm not sure if it's because the baby's head was so low, but it was very uncomfortable.


eve - February 16

well let me know how things progress,


Kim - February 17

Well I think something started to work in there...I had a huge chunk of mucus with blood through out it....I hope this baby is on his/her way, not too worried though cause the doc said he'd induce on the 28th if this stretching technique doesn't work...please keep all your fingers crossed that my labor starts soon! :)


lis - September 16

i dont know yet if it works but i just got that done today sept 16 i am 38 weeks and very anxious to find out


J - September 16

What exactly do they do to you to stretch your cervix? Is it done with fingers or do they use a speculum or something like that?


bump - September 20



?? - September 20

So does anyone know how it works?? Kim, how did they do it and did you ask to have it done?



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