Stretching The Cervix Good Or Bad

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phillygir1 - October 4

Okay, so when I went to the doctors, I was told I was 3cm and 90 percent effaced (I have been this way for 4 weeks) The doctor said he could "stretch the cervix" next week if I chose. What is involved in doing this and would anything else "stretch" the cervix besides him doing it? Does it hurt? Thanks so much.


sarah21 - October 4

It hurts for some women and not so bad for others. My boss got it done 2 weeks before her son was born (trying to speed things up) and she was in pain for 2 days.


claire83 - October 4

i had it done in two of my four pregnancies and its uncomfortable but it can make you bleed abit and bring on labour it didnt work for me though


DeeD - October 4

My sister did it once and said it wasn't too bad but it didn't work for her. My SIL had is done with all 6 of her babies and she went into labor within hours after it was done. So, it does work really well for some people. I have never done it because I am a whimp and am afraid it will hurt.


DaBonkElsMe - October 4

I have heard it can be really painful and it doesn't necessarily work.


musicbaby - October 4

I had it done yesterday... afterward I felt like I had bad period pains. Today I am tender and wont be doing much but its not too bad. When she was doing it it was not much fun at all but its not painful as much as really uncomfortable and wierd feeling. I am in for an induction on Tue so figure that I would rather go through this now and try and get things moving on their own. Dont know if I would be so keen to go through it otherwise though. :-) GL


Pearl - October 4

The nurse "accidentally" did it to me when I went in to have my second child. I was at 4 cm and she was putting the head monitor onto my son. I was at 6 cm within 15 minutes. Shortly after that the doctor stopped my labor and gave me a c-section because my son wasn't taking the labor so well.


Cevvin - October 5

I had it done and went in labor the next day.


WP - October 5

I just had it done on Wed. and it was uncomfortable but didn't really hurt. I'm dilated and effaced the same amount as you but it has done nothing but give me cramps. That doesn't mean it won't work for you, though. Just like most natural induction techniques, they aren't really effective unless you and your body are ready.


phillygir1 - October 5

Well, here is my story. On Sept. 4 I went into labor and they stopped it and back then I was 3cm and 90%. Today I am still 90% and 3.5 cm. I have a 2 vessel cord which causes early labor. They put me on medication to stop contractions and I stopped taking it over a week ago. I am unsure what to do here. I will wait to see what I am next week and if the doctor mentions it again, I guess I will go for it.


aliciavr6 - October 5

I believe my dr did this in very early labor for me, at least that's sure what it felt like. Right after, things sped up REALLY fast.



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