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Bilmes123 - December 3

I had this done today there was some I keep having brown discharge and some stringy stuff is coming out...I've already lost my plug before the the stripping. I was 1 cm and very soft. I am also going to be 39 weeks in 2 days. Has this worked for anyone?


Kiersten - December 4

Worked for me! I was almost 40 weeks and got it done on a Wednesday afternoon. Friday morning I was holding my little guy! At first I didn't think it'd worked because the contractions and spotting stopped, but Thursday they sure picked back up again! lol Good luck on your delivery and congrats.


Bilmes123 - December 4

last night I think I had my bloody show...I'm hopping that's what it was because I looked in the toilet and it was a big glob of brown stuff. haha sorry tmi but I am excited and hoping this really works.


oct19bad - December 4

Wow i hope it works and you are in labor right now. Keep us posted


Bilmes123 - December 4

Well I started getting cramps when I was talking through the mall today so I'm crossing my fingers


Tonigirl - December 4

That's great! I forgot to mention that the night my water broke ( a few hours before using the evening primrose oil) my dh and I were walking through Target and I also started getting cramps. So, CROSSING FINGERS FOR YA!!!


FlyBear - December 5

I get so excited reading this stuff. I can't wait until I'm so close to labor. I think my anticipation of meeting my lil one and the frustration of having to pee every 30 mins, and being so tired from not sleeping well has overshadowed any fears of labor pains. Honestly I haven't been scared yet at all, but then again ask me in about 5 or 6 weeks when it's closer cause right now I'm only 30w4d. Anyways, I've got my fingers crossed for you too. Good luck. What are you expecting? Girl or Boy?


Bilmes123 - December 5

Well lastnight I was at the mall and randomly my hands became super swollen and purple..hard to move and hurt then when the swelling died down it was all clammy...I went to labour and delivery..was there for a few hours and I was fine so they sent me home. But while I was on the monitor they saw I was having contractions :P So hopefully soon. Right now I am getting it a lot and getting more cramps so I am crossing my fingers that today will be the day. oh and Flybear I am exspecting a girl :D


kmoselle - December 5

Good luck Bilmes! Can someone tell me what stripping the membranes means? I've never heard of it. What exactly is it and does it hurt?


Bilmes123 - December 5

It's just the doctor seperating the membranes around the baby from the cervix to it releases a hormone to jumpstart labour without the use of drugs. The doctor uses their hands to do was kind of weird..she was checking to see if I dilated which I was then she said she was going to do the sweep and that was that. It was a little uncomfortable but didn't hurt.


Bilmes123 - December 6

Still no baby :( I'm still getting contractions and lost more mucus plug with some blood in it...but I'm still waiting...and waiting...and waiting lol. Driving me insane


Megan P - December 11

Just a warning: My doctor stripped my membranes with my first child (15 months) at 37 weeks. I was already dialated but only 37 weeks. That afternoon I went into labor because she gave me an infection that went up into my uterus. It was awful. Chills, fever, back to back contractions, vomiting. Baby was born fine (although her heart beat was really high because of my trauma). I went home 2 days later and then had to go back after being home a day because the infection came back with a vengence in my uterus and I was there for a week on loads of antibiotics and pain killers. My doc said this was very out of the ordinary but I'm going to leave it up to nature this time to avoid any of these possibilities! I'm 24 weeks with my second right now.


Bilmes123 - December 11

Well I don't know if it was the sweep that worked lol I doubt it but I did go into labour on the 7th and had my baby at 12:04am on the 8th. It was a fast labour and I didn't have time for the epidural.



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