Stripping Membranes Does It Hurt

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Lee36 - November 28

Tomorrow I am going for my exam and my Dr. told me last week that if I didnt have the baby before she would strip my membranes and also schedule me for induction. I was 40 weeks on the 26th of November. I have 3 other children and all came about 2 weeks early so I was sure I would have this one early too. Anyway the Dr. said I would not like her very much when she stripped my membranes, I am just wondering how much is this really going to hurt and should I make sure I have my DH with me in case I go into immediate labor or my water actually breaks?


elizabeth - November 28

i never hurd of when they break your water that it is painfull, maybe she is talking about after she breaks your water and then the contractions start comming then you wont like her very much? good luck to you


J - November 28

I have never had it done, but I know two people that have and they said it doesn't hurt. They said it doesn't feel any worse than just a normal exam. But I have never done it myself, so I don't know what your doctor is talking about.


jb - November 28

I have heard that it hurts, but I dont know exactly what it is. Sorry I couldnt be more help.


Rose - November 28

My doctor stripped mine while pregnant with my son, about 4 years ago and it hurt! We had to take a break during it, it hurt so much.


Erika - November 29

Hi Lee, My due date was on Sunday and the doctor stripped my membranes last wednesday. It's not comfortable, but not traumatically painful. I had some cramping afterwards, like contractions, but nothing major. By the end of the day I had already forgotten about it. Unfortunately so did the baby, because it didn't change anything! We scheduled the induction for December 6th (in Italy they only wait 10 days after term) and we're hoping something happens before!


lisa - November 29

stripping your membranes` is not breaking waters, i had it done twice, it didnt work but was not painfull


Vanaseregwen - November 29

I agree with the above. It's not something that I would want done everyday, but I didn't think it was overly painful. Unless the doc goofs, your water shouldn't break right there. They simply insert a finger into your cervix and push up on your membranes "stripping" them off the sides of your uterus. Sometimes it can bring on labor-sometimes not. Just like everything else, nothing is 100%. Good luck!!!


Stephanie - November 29

I've had mine done twice, and while it wasn't a stroll in the park, it wasn't that bad either. Of course, no baby yet.



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