Stripping Of Membranes To Induce Labor

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restlessmama - December 10

I am 39+ weeks along. I am going for a vbac but my chances of a successful va___al birth are less if the baby goes too overdue. I am due Dec.16 and if i dont go into labor by then my ob wants to do a c section if no progress is made. As of yesterday I had no cervical changes and the baby is still high and the head is not engaged. I am going back to the doctor in 4 days and if im dialated at all hes going to try stripping my membranes to bring on labor. I really dont want another c section so im desperate to go into labor. Has anyone else out there had this done and had it bring on labor?


AmyNS - December 13

When I was pregnant with my first child I was a couple of days "overdue" and my doc swiped my membranes. I wasn't even a centemeter dilated and I went in to labour that night. For some people it works and for some it doesn't. I would reccomend going for a walk or getting some kind of light excersise after your doctors apointment.


restlessmama - December 13

Thanks for your input Amy, I am hoping it works that well for me too!


Christine - December 14

Restlessmama...I have not had this done..but I wish you good luck...I never have had a c section either..but dont be sad if you have to go for another one...keep your head up..


restlessmama - December 15

Well still nothing happening yet! I see my specialist tomorrow to see if a c section is the way to go. If I have any signifigant cervical changes by then he said we may try breaking my water to induce labor. We'll see!


Christine - December 15

Good luck..maybe you will have some dialation...and they can just break your water to help it along..


AmyNS - December 16

restlessmama, good luck with everything. I wish you a happy and healthy baby, however the baby gets here.


restlessmama - December 17

I found out today I will have a c section on Monday if I don't go into labor this weekend. I'm a bit disappointed nothing has started. My cervix is still closed and baby is high and has not engaged. Oh well, at least I know what the end date will be, no more waiting and wondering!!


Christine - December 17

Well good luck restless...and like I have done all the work up to now...dont feel disappointed...and you really didnt want all that pain luck on Monday..or sooner if you go



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