Stuff To Get For A Newborn

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Ashley86 - October 17

Well I composed of list of stuff needed for a newborn, not all of it is completely necessary, but a majority is nice to have. I will be a first time mother myself, so I'm constantly trying to remember everything I need, I showed a list of stuff I had or knew I needed to friends who have newborns or toddlers (and thus just recently had a newborn within the last couple of years) and came up with this list of stuff that is needed for a newborn. Like I said, some is necessary, some is not. Because I don't have a LO of my own yet, I can't accurately name which aren't completely necessary...just posted this because I know I was in a frenzy myself trying to think of what all I needed, and without my friends add ons there are some things I completely would have not thought of. Hope this helps you all, and please feel welcome to add anything that you think has been missed that you plan to get or have used that you found to be helpful, all suggestions are definitely welcomed! **Travel** -FIRST AND FOREMOST A CAR won't let you leave without one** -a carseat blanket -a mirror to see baby (car seat faces away, so without this you can't see baby's face) -stroller (many women get a travel system which includes both the car seat and the stroller and the carseat doubles as a carrier) -sun screen for window -baby sling (like a mai tai or just one of those front carriers...some like em some don't) -diaper bag (one mother recommended keeping two, so one can stay in the car always packed for you so you don't have to pack one everytime you just want to up and go somewhere) -hand sanitizer to keep in diaper bag (that way if someone wants to hold the baby...make em wash their damn hands first!) **for baby's room** -Playpen (many opt for a pack and play which includes a bassinet and diaper changer, and mobile) -some people like a rocking chair or a place to sit while feeding your LO -changing table with drawers -baby moniter (so you can hear...and on some models, see, what the baby is up to when you're not in the room) -diaper pail or diaper genie and the liners for it -baby swing (was advised to get one with mobile to keep baby entertained as well) -a crawl and play type play mat -a lamp for baby's room -a rug -curtains and valances -crib -mattress for crib -sheets and bumpers for crib -a vibrating bouncy seat -not needed right away, but a jumperoo or walker **sleeping time** -mobile for crib -heartbeat sound player or heartbeat teddy -bassinett (which I am told isn't necessary if you have a pack and play type playpen that includes one with it) -sleep positioner -a few swaddle blankets -soothing vibrations (put this under the mattress and it makes it softly vibrate) -crib moniters (these will alert you if the baby stops breathing for some reason) **baby bath time** -baby bath (get one that you can lay baby on without getting them wet in the beginning...the umbilical cord can't get wet...they also have special baby bath screens that you attach to the baby bathtub) -baby wash -baby lotion -bathrobes -baby washcloths -hooded towels -water thermometer (some baths already have this but there are also duckies that will measure water and other types) **medical and baby upkeep** -baby brush and/or comb -if it's a boy, and you're circ_mcising, vaseline and Qtips for maintenance -mycolin (in case you have a gassy baby) -baby tylenol -a thermometer (there are several types just for infants, pacifier thermometer, the one you touch to the forehead, ear thermometer, but a regular thermometer I hear will also do fine) -nail clippers with a magnifier -booger squeegee thing whatever it's know what I mean -a gums brush and baby "toothpaste" **diaper changing** -diapers -baby wipes -baby powder -baby rash cream or ointment (i.e. like desitin or something along those lines) -travelling changing station -some travel packs for baby wipes and powder -wipe carrier (this way you don't have to buy separate travel packs, just put some from your full box into it and voila, travel pack) **types of clothing** -baby shoes -baby socks -onesies, onesies and more onesies! -hats -baby sleeper gown -foot rattles (these of course are just fun to have) **safety and cleaning supplies** -baby laundry detergent -outlet covers (when baby learns to crawl...but never too soon to have them in, lest you should forget when the time does come unexpectedly) -bottle brush (for cleaning out bottles of course) -laundry basket for baby **feeding time** -pacifiers (I was told about 4 is a good number, not too many, but enough to make sure you can find one) -bottles (even if br___tfeeding) -lots of recieving blankets (EVERY MOTHER ADVISES THIS as apparently they come in handy for burp rags and other which you will NEED) -bibs -high chair (but not needed immediately) -nursing bras(if br___t feeding) -nursing gowns (if BF) -a manual or electric br___t pump (if BF) -boppy pillow (if BF...or if not even) -bottle warmer (a microwave is not recommended for heating bottles) **recovery from delivery** -br___t pads, which will be used like crazy for leakage... -Tucks -maternity pads -squeegee bottle if you tear or have an epesiotomy


emfine99 - October 18

wow that's one big list! all I can say is having a baby is more expensive than i ever imagined! but it's fun to shop for them! :-)


alirenee86 - October 18

SO much fun to shop for!! We're pretty much all set. I'm 36 weeks and having been going by a very similar list I pulled from one of the baby magazines. It seemed endless at first but as the weeks went by, I'm able to check off almost everything now! Just need a small rug for the nursery. Is it crazy, I want to submit a picture of our nursery somehwere and enter it in a contest?? I LOVE how it came out...did you register anywhere? Helps a lot as people usually want to get you something for the baby. We're having a co-ed shower/party too this Sunday and should get some more stuff ;) Do you have a 'diaper genie' on that list?? I picked up one of those recently...heard they are awesome.


tish212 - October 18

ok I understand ur list 100% u explain very well...but please read the advice sections on leaving the crib empty...meaning no bumpers or positioners....etc...due to chance of suffocation. I have also read that the best most accurate thermometer is the rectal.. let me recommend 1 item that I just couldn't live without when I was doing foster care and I intend to use with mine Dr Browns bottles..they cost a little more but TRUST me they r worth it...they keep air from entering the stomach thus cutting down on gas...they r the best bottle I have ever seen or used! gl and its awesome that u put this list up to help other new moms.... :)


KRISTINA - October 18

I bought a diaper genie and hated it, it never worked right and I heard a lot of people had the same problem. But I also heard that the people who got theirs to work right liked it. Also the doorway bouncing seats and walkers are not good for babies. The one thing I found i used constantly that nobody told me to buy was, well i think they are cloth diapers, but you use them as spit up rags. Trust me you will have one draped over your shoulder 24-7. You should be able to pick up a pack of them. :)


alirenee86 - October 19

My husband said he had one of those bouncing doorway jumper things when he was a baby and it's what caused him to walk so early. I recieved one from my registry...looks cool but can't use it for a while...


Happymommy - October 19

Kristina mentioned the cloth diapers and I would have to second that. They are great as burp rags, and they are also good to use as a second liner on your changing pad. Then you don't have to change the main cover/liner so often.


nekilaki - October 19

Thanks so much for the list Ashely! I'm a first time mama, too, so this is really helpful. I wanted to add the no-scratch mittens to keep the the baby from scratching themselves. My dh and I were watching a baby show and the poor little baby girl was scratching her self all up, so they had to put the little mittens on her. The porr little thing gave had little red marks on her face.


sahm2alaj - October 19

i find that the baby mittens are too large.. or maybe my kids are just born with small hands? The best thing (i have found) to prevent the scratching is buying the long sleeved onesies that have the hand protectors sewn in.


Happymommy - October 19

Or if you're desperate you can even use little newborn socks to cover your baby's hands--they work just as well :)


Ashley86 - October 19

I seriously didn't even think to list the mittens! I got some for my shower but didn't even think to add them to the list. Lol. And I thought they were just to keep the baby's hands warm! hahaha. And yea the cloth diapers idea sounds GREAT! Is that cheaper than receiving blankets?


Pipa - October 19

One thing I've found is that everything in terms of baby gear (ba__sinet/playpen, car seat, stroller, etc) has manuals. So, we started a file for baby gear manuals. These are important b/c they may help you take apart/store/rea__semble later and they have the weight and size limits such as move the mattress part down on ba__sinet/playpen once baby can lift itself or when about 15 lbs. You don't want to have to search for these later so just tuck them in a handy file and store with other important papers. Also, don't forget to register any gear that is possible such as car seat in case of future recalls.



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