Stuffy Nose

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dew - November 14

I'm 33 1/2 wks and I have had a stuffy nose for three wks! does anybody else have this problem. I tried sudafed in the beginning, but didn't want to take it for too long. it's so hard to sleep and breath out my mouth, so I can't sleep much. any safe suggestions?


to Dew - November 15

Sorry to hear you are sick... I have had 3! colds already this season, which definately makes for one tired momma. If you bought one already or have one from whatever for the baby, try a humidifier. There a couple different kinds, but I used one and took 1 tylenol before going to bed, and I was at least able to make it through the night as normal (... lol... peeing every two hrs), but got some sleep in between those runs. You can always call your doctor about the tylenol, along with congestion and headaches during the day my doctor said I could take it still, but limit how many I can take. When I was stuffed up she just said try propping a few pillows, make sure I keep Kleenex and water by my bed, and to "b__w" out anything I can. (which for me, meant running to the bathroom and b__wing while on the toilet... as to avoid peeing my pants). ANYWAYS... I hope you get to feel better... its bad enough to be tired and achy w/o the colds... take care!


Bonnie - November 15

I've been taking Afrin nasal spray to clear up my nose when it gets so bad I'm having trouble getting enough air. I got the okay from my OB-GYN that it won't hurt the baby. Be careful with that stuff though, it IS addicting to us in that your nose tends to come back worse. But if you are really bad it might offer you some relief for a bit. Good luck!


krissy - November 15

dew- what i found that helps me are those breath right nose strips that have vicks vapo rub on them. They work like a charm, hope this helps


Theresa - November 15

I been having a stuff nose for the past month. The doctor said the only thing I can take is sudafed and tylenol. It is not working. I have a vicks vaporizor. Don't work. My noise keep getting stopped up. If I turn to one side what every side im on its like that side of the noise gets stopped up. I have real bad sinus. Any suggestions for us can really help. I am going to try to buy the Afrin nasal spray but I did hear its addictive. Well I guess im going to be strung out on this stuff it works. LOL


Brooke - November 15

I take Tylenol Cold before I go to bed. It does help, but sometimes it can make it difficult to sleep. But its worth a try. I've had this same problem and it causes me to drool all over my pillow because I can't breath!!


Bonnie - November 15

Theresa, the Farin really does help, at least when nothing else worked for me. And the doctor said it wouldn;t hurt the baby. But just to reiterate, it does make things worse after so go really easy on it. I am 30 weeks and I find when I can't breath (which is most of the time) that I get panicky and start gasping for air. I basically take the Afrin at night so that I an sleep. But during the day I suffer with a clogged nose as it's at least a little easier when I'm standing upright. I figure, at least this way I can breath at night and once the baby comes out I can then deal with not taking the stuff and a stuffy nose for a while (stuffy noses were not unbearable before I got so big with the pregnancy, at least I could breath through my mouth okay). The Afrin has been a God-send to me, just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into with it. It's amazing stuff, but the after-effects can suck, lol.


Bonnie - November 15

Bah...that was "Afrin", lol. Dang typos.


melissa - November 15

I have had the congestion from the beginning--it totally sucks! My dr ok'd Claritin. I take the Claritin D, and it really works. It sucks, though, cuz they limit how many you can purchase at one time, as it has that meth ingredient in it. Good luck!


Ginny - November 15

Dew, you may want to try putting a dust cover on your pillow, and washing your sheets in hot water. It may sound silly, but with all the extra stress of pregnancy, you may have developed an allergy to dust mites. Just a thought! (The dust cover and clean sheets make a world of difference for me!)


Ginny - November 15

I just remembered that at the beginning of my pregnancy my family doctor told me to get plenty of liquids and to chew gum when I was stopped up. The chewing motions and frequent swallowing work as a ma__sage to the stopped up tubes. I didn't really believe it, but it has really helped me out. Whatever you do, I hope you start feeling better!


dew - November 15

I was told not to use Afrin or Vicks. In the beginning of my pregnancy my OB gave me a list of meds I can take and the only thing on the list that is supposed to be for a stuffy nose is Sudafed. I will try washing my sheets in hot water, it's pretty much the only thing I haven't tried yet. I have a humidifier, it works sometime, but if I'm not directly over it, I can't breath. I try to stay over it, but my arm falls asleep. I hate to just complain but I will keep trying all the suggested methods (thanks girls for all the support) if I come up with something that works I'll let you all know. good luck.



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