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leticia - November 27

hi i am a clueless first time mom-to-be. when you buy a 25 ounce can of powdered formula, is it 25 ounces of the actual formula so it would make say 60 ounces of formula WITH the water mixed in OR does a 25 ounce can make 25 ounces of formula? I am trying to figure out how many cans of formula a 10lb baby would consume a day/week/.month for cost issues. Any help you could give me would be much appreciated!


Swtpea - November 27

With Powdered formula, you add 1scoop/2oz of water. I'm not sure how much the 1 scoop equals in ounces, I've never paid attn. Working at a day care 1 baby can go through 1 can in one week JUST at the day care, some spread thinner and some go through more, depends on your baby and the eating patters. So on average if 1 can lasts 1wk just at day care, you'd prolly use 2-3/wk I'm a__suming. It also depends on what size can you buy =o), of course I'm talking about the smaller cans. AND again, depends on your baby and also the sometimes recomendatoins by the doctor. A friend of mine spend over 120$ on forumal (smaller cans) for ONE MONTH... and if I remember right ended up buying a couple more before the month was over. G/luck with that =o).


Jen - November 28

Hi Leticia- if you are planning on using formula, there are clubs that you can join and get free formula sent to your home. I did this very early in pregnancy, and have recently started to get tons of formula samples (they are all 8-12 oz)...I think they start to send them close to your due date. Anyway, I think I signed up for this at, but it was so long ago I am not sure. You should definitely check it out though! Good luck!


lmrod55 - November 28

I remember going thru the "Costco" size can of Carnation Good Start in a week with dd. I don't remember the ounces, but I think it's the largest size that Carnation comes in. Also, I know there are different opinions on this, but we did not start dd on powdered formula till after 4 months of age - the doctor recommended that stating that the powdered was harder for them to digest. So we bought the ready made for the first 4 months (which is even more expensive). Good luck! - ld



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