Sudden Unexplained Bleeding 33 Weeks

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baby#1 - February 8

Hi, I was hoping someone else here could help me out. I was in the hospital all day today because I woke up with bleeding and lost some of my mucus plug. It was definaitly a significant amount of bright red into the toilet. 3 times I sat on the toilet the bowl turned a red color. The bleeding subsided on its own at the hopsital and after all the exams were performed on me they couldnt find the source of the bleeding. They said they could only assume it was a small part of the placenta abrupting (not even enough to show on the u/s) but said that sometime a big bleed that leads to complications is preceeded by a small bleed so they wanted me to take it very carefully the next 48 hrs. They even gave me steriod injections for the baby's lungs to make sure it a bad change happened we'd be ready for it. Has anyone else had this happen before out of complete nowhere (i dont fit the criteria for an at risk pergnancy) and if so could you tell me what the result was in the end? Thanks so much.


babyonboard16 - February 9

Well I don't know if this will help all that much, but I had a slight placental abruption at 6 weeks, I'm doing fine now at 28 weeks. I think they'll probably have you rest and if you bleed again be sure and go in. Best of luck and I'm sure everything will be okay.


Kristin11 - February 9

i had placenta abruption with my daughter and bled very heavily and clotted for over a month, i was on bed rest for sometime. I now have a happy healthy 3 year old little girl. Good luck!!


lilnikki_0384 - February 9

I was bleeding last thursday, went in to hospital. Bleeding had stopped by the time I got there. They did not give me a difinate answer to what caused it. I left the hospital clueless. But baby was monitored for two hours, she is ok. And everything seems fine. They did not do an ultrasound either. It was scary!!!



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