Sudden Weight Gain

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RJ22 - March 13

I am 33 weeks and have had a pretty steady and healthy weight gain pattern so far - as of two weeks ago I had gained 27 lbs. But today I got weighed at the doctor and had gained 7 lbs in 2 weeks! I haven't been pigging out or anything, so I'm wondering if it's just water retention. Has anyone else experienced this sudden weight fluctuation?


Diane - March 13

RJ22, I would say it is very possible that most of it, , or at least some of it is water retention. I'm almost 35 weeks and have noticed my legs and even my upper arms are swollen. I have a dr. appt on friday and dread seeing the weight gain this week. As of 2 weeks ago I was already up 36 lbs.!! I guess all we can do at this point is hang in there, it's almost over!


JennyC - March 13

I think babies just go through growth spurts, not to mention its probably some water retention. I gained 7 pounds at my last appointment and I'm almost 39 weeks along. At this point, most women aren't gaining anymore, or might even be losing weight! The doctor said it was probably a combo of water retention and the fact that my appointment was later in the day than normal, so I had eaten more than I usually had. Was your appointment at a different time of day or anything? I wouldn't worry about it, but it is weird to realize you've gained so much in so little time!! good luck


karen - March 13

My situation is almost identical to yours, and I'm glad to know I'm not alone! I had gained 25 pounds as of my 30 week appointment. Then at my 32-week appointment, I had gained 6 in 2 weeks! I was HORRIFIED because I hadn't changed my eating habits either. I still don't really know if it was water retention or what, but my doctor wasn't very happy with me. I've been eating a little better since then, because I have a fear of stepping on that scale at my next appointment!


RJ22 - March 13

My doctor told me that it was most likely fluid retention, but he told me that I needed to be careful and eat healthy, which was kind of frustrating because I try really hard to eat healthy as it is! He kind of made me feel guilty, but I feel like I have no control over what my body does right now!



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