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Nora1 - March 10

Hi! I am getting ready to register for my baby shower. I have seen lists of suggestions of what to register for in the past, but can't find one now that I need it! Do any of you know of a website where I can get a list of suggestions of what is needed? thanks!


ry - March 10

Hi! has a reccommended list and so does if you click under the baby registry. hope that helps!


ry - March 10

by the way, the babies r us one is great because you can read reviews of the products before you pick them out from other moms- i found that very helpful being a first time mom and clueless about lots of these things! good luck!


Tess - March 10

Try thats where I registered for my baby shower. :) They have good stuff and really cheap stuff that Im sure youre guest would love.


Robin - March 11

I would deffinatly go with Babies R Us, I registered there and at Target. I tried to exchange some things at target and they are real stinkers about returns. Babies R Us has a "new parent's checklist" I referred to it and it was really helpful.


JL - March 12

Also, get the book called "Baby Bargains." It has reviews of products and also a check list.


JenniferB - March 12

The things that I used the most with my first baby were.... Boppy vibrating bouncy chair wash cloths onesies baby tub cloth diapers diapers, if you have a baby over 8 pounds they won't be in newborn for long, ask for size 1. A diaper pail, I had a plastic one and it was awful, a stainless steel can with a lid that opens with a step is much better at containing odors and it won't soak up the smells like plastic.


JenniferB - March 12

Sorry, I wrote that as a list and it entered like a sentence with no commas. :0)


L - March 13

I brought my friend, who has a 1 yr old, with me when I started my registry. I figured if anyone knew what I would need , it was her. Off topic, but I'd like to warn you about registering at Target. When I registered two months ago, someone on this board warned me about it and I am so thankful for their advice. Target has the worst return policy in the world! I registered for just a few things to make it convenient for my friend and family and Target was very slow to update my registry. As a result I received a few duplicate items. Last weekend I went to return a duplicate Baby Bjorn ($75) and a duplicate baby monitor ($30). I was told that I had to select an item that was of equal or greater value from the infant department THAT day. They don't issue store credit. I was really hardpressed to find anything and finally decided on a pack n play for $129. I already had a pack n play from Babies R us, but figured I would return it to BrU and get the simliar one from Target just to use my credit. Customer Service would only accept one of the items as credit for the pack n play. Not both items. Instead of applying both items and paying $24 out of pocket, they wanted to apply only one item and have me pay $54 out of pocket. I still needed to find an exchange item for the $30 monitor. They wouldn't let me combine two items to meet the minimum (eg 2 packs of diapers), nor would they let me combine two items for the exchange. They said their computer wouldn't allow it. Keep in mind that both of these items were on my registry and marked as "purchased" so they knew that they came from their store. I spend a lot of money at Target and could have easily found an exchange item if they issued a store credit..or simply allowed me to shop in another department. They wouldn't even let me get baby clothes. I just can't think the same of Target anymore especially since I spent $200 there the week prior on items from their World Market.


ry - March 13

i agree, babies r us is much better. i registered twice at target and both times my list was erased from their registry. and when i returned things from my wedding registry there with the gift receipt, they wnated to give me the clearance prices even though the items were bought for full price a week earlier! Babies r us doesnt even require gift receipts if you need to return something, they will give you a gift card to get whatever you want.


Nora1 - March 14

Thanks for all the suggestions! I registered at Babies R Us!



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