Sweeping Membranes Does It Work

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Kar - March 13

I'm almost at 40 weeks and I just got back from the doctors and she did the membrane sweep, does this usually work to get things started? Has it worked for anyone?


andy - March 13

sorry I don´t have an answer 4 u but I´m 37w2d and would like to know what exactly this is ... What does the dr does to you ... ???? thanks


Tammy276 - March 13

Kar, it is one of those things that works for some but may not work for others.....it is just like any other form of "natural induction"....it will work if your body and baby are ready..........they say that if it does work, labor usually will start within 24 - 48 hours.....Andy, when they "sweep your membranes", it is basically a vigurous(sp) v____al exam....they take their fingers and "sweep" them inbetween the cervix and where your bag of waters is attached...this releases the hormone prostaglandins and can help to kick start labor.......some woman find it painful where as others don't find it any more uncomfortable than a regular v____al exam.


Kar - March 13

Thanks gals, I know baby comes when baby and body are ready. God I hope soon!!!!!!!


Tammy276 - March 13

Well Kar, we can play the waiting game together.....I had the "on call" doctor today because my doc. is out of town and he asked how I was doing....I said. "I am so ready to be done".........so he did the exam...which was longer and hurt more than normal......and when he was done says "well, I Just did a stretch and sweep to get some prostaglandins going, lets see if we can get things rocking and rolling"......so I guess we'll see if it works...I am already having cramps from it and was at 4cm when he checked me...kinda scary knowing that I am almost 1/2 way there and not even in labor yet!!


Kar - March 13

Hi Tammy, ok sounds good, and good luck, I've had cramps on and off all day since the sweep and I was only 1cm, so you are off to a better start, I wish you luck!! Lets keep posted!!


jennifer07 - March 14

Hey everyone. I am 2 days aways from my due date. I found out today that I am 2 centimeters dilated and 20 effaced. My doc did the sweeping of the membranes also. For me it was not painful but I could tell that she had done it. She also said let's see if this speeds things up. I am really hoping that it does. I have heard that it can take 24-48 hrs for it to work. I have heard rare stories of people going into labor the same night. Good luck to everyone. I hope this sweeping technique works for someone!


GloriaD - March 17

Hi Kar! My doctor did it when I was pregnant with my first child, and unfortunately it didn't work. But I totally agree with the prior postings, if your body is ready it'll trigger labor for you, Turns out my son was really happy in there and came out 3 days late, good luck for you, I hope it works!


Tammy276 - March 17

Hello Kar and everyone else.....Guess what? It WORKED!! Isabelle Adrian was born March 14 at 11:15 a.m..... 7lbs 4 oz, 20 inches... I started contracting at 10 pm and went to the hospital at 1:30 am. I only pushed through 5 contractions and she was out!! I guess my body was ready for it!


Kar - March 18

Tammy276, Oh my goodness it worked for me too, went to the hospital at 11:30pm on March 13th and she Madison Avery was born on March 14th at 2:50am!!


Kar - March 18

Tammy we should keep it touch via email, Madison weighted 8lbs 7&3/4 oz and was 19&3/4 long


Tammy276 - March 19

wow! Congrats to you too!! How was your labor? It sounds like you had a nice fast one!! I was contracting every 3 minutes up until 8:30 in the morning, but for some reason, they weren't dilating me fast enough (I was at 4 when I got there, 5 when she broke my water at 8:30).....but after they broke my water, it went so fast!! We could definately keep in tough via e-mail. my e-mail is litemans (at) sbcglobal.net isn't it just amazing! I still feel like I should be pregnant!!


Faye84 - March 19

congrats to the both of you!! luck you to you guys , ive heard some woman getting them a few times before going into labor//or not even working at all and Ive heard each time its painful!


bernadetteoc - March 20

Congrats Kar and Tammy!!! How exciting. I had it done with my first and it didn't work, but s_x did! I had it done two times with my second and the first it didn't work and the second I was in labor by that night. I completely agree, it will only work if your body is just about ready to deliver anyway. I hope you're both enjoying your little miracles!



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