Sweet Spicy Cravings Gt Girl Boy

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April Mom - January 31

Lets take a poll here. I have heard that if you have sweet cravings then you are having a girl. If youcrave spicysalty foods you are having a boy. Those of you who know the s_x of ur baby, can you pitch in to see if this is right? I am having a GIRL and I do crave sweets very much. The same went true with one of my friends too.


shelly - January 31

I'm having a boy and I crave both!! I just started craving sweets alot the last month or so, but I love spicy food too!!


Janelle - January 31

I started craving the sweet stuff from the beginning chocolate vs. potato chips lol. They tell me I am having a girl we will see how the poll goes.


Katie - January 31

Im having a boy and I also craved both basically from the begining.


redhead mary - January 31

well i had a boy 5 years ago and couldnt eat anything spicy....This time its a girl and i still cnat eat anything spicy... or with added flavor for that matter......i like my food to be bland and almost tasteless when im prego....sorry im no help to your theory...


Mary - January 31

I am having a girl and all I want are Twizzlers, gummi worms and all the fruit and juice I can get. So the theory holds up for me.


jessb - January 31

I am having a girl and all I crave is sweets! I never was a big dessert person before getting preg, but now all I want to eat is dessert. Yum!


mel - January 31

there is also the theory that women carrying boys eat more (this one actually has a little medical backing to it) so maybe that would explain why some women carrying boys crave both rather than favoring one taste or the other. I know I definatly like both sweet and spicy when I carried my son.


Holly - January 31

I don't know what I am having, but in the begining all I wanted was Pizza and mexican food with plenty of sour cream. I have always been a sweets person too and that hasn't changed since being pregnant. My instincts said girl to me strongly for a while, but now days I am thinking I am having a boy.


Camilla - January 31

I totally craved spicy food with my last pregnancy and I had a girl! Everyone jokes cuz she actually likes chilli now, and everyone says its cuz it's the type of food I ate when I was pregnant with her. Anyway, this time round I'm not craving spicy as much but I don't crave sweet either. Generally milder foods. And..it's another girl..!


mel - January 31

Camilla- there may be some truth to that about your daughter liking chilli. there something on the discovery channel (I love that channel) talking about how women that eat a wide variety of foods while pregnant have children that are less picky eaters because they were exposed to several different smells and tastes in the womb. pretty neat.


Tess - January 31

Im carrying a baby girl........and yes Im craving sweets ( A LOT ).


Kiddolebel - January 31

I too am carrying a girl and I crave sweets the most as well. mmm Ben and jerrys =)


Victoria - January 31

I'm having a boy, and since the begining I've been craving everything but most of the time sweets. I can't not eat any spicy food right now!!!! and I'm from Mexico where everything is spicy!!!!!!!


Holly - January 31

Having a boy and crave sweets!


amy - January 31

Im having my 3rd girl and i crave salty, spicey foods.


Kel - January 31

Spicy food does not sound good to me at all. I'm not really craving sweets all that much, but I have had a taste for them here and there, which is smore than I can say usually cause I am not a sweets person. I am having a girl and I would say I am eating more sweets that before. I never used to eat them before and now I find myself eating ice cream in the evening every once and a while.



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