Sweet Spicy Cravings Gt Girl Boy

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Kel - January 31

Spicy food does not sound good to me at all. I'm not really craving sweets all that much, but I have had a taste for them here and there, which is smore than I can say usually cause I am not a sweets person. I am having a girl and I would say I am eating more sweets that before. I never used to eat them before and now I find myself eating ice cream in the evening every once and a while.


K - February 1

I have craved spicy foods my whole pregnancy and I am definitely having a girl- as confirmed by multiple ultrasounds.


Karen - February 1

Having a girl and definitely craved sweets in the beginning, now I like spicy, but always did. I was never much of a sweets eater until I became pregnant.


Annette - February 1

I have been craving EVERYTHING, but specially sweets. I am having a boy.


Em - February 12

I'm having a boy and I crave both too, I don't think much has changed for me since before I got pregnant...I've always had a sweet tooth, that's still the same - I would still prefer sweets over salty/spicy items if I were forced to choose...


sparkles - February 12

I crave sweets and I'm having a girl.


a bird - February 12

I've had more sweet cravings in this pregnancy by far, whereas I'm usually not into sweets at all. And I'm having a boy. We saw his little boy parts plain as day on the u/s.


rk - February 12

I'm having a boy and been craving sweets! I haven't had any cravings for salty or spicy food.


Angel - February 13

I crave alot of sweets but do get cravings for spicey..Sometimes eat them together..I'm having another girl !!!!!


^lucy^ - February 13

i crave salty foods and NO sweets and im having a girl!!


Ba8y6irl - February 13

I crave lots of sweets and I am having a girl!


MC SANTINOS MOM - February 13



katie - February 14

im having a girl and i cant get enough sweets. I ve always had a sweettooth though.


Talli - February 14

Crave spicy, salty, sour things. And it is a boy.


Kate - February 14

I'm 27+4 with a girl and I've wanted sweet stuff (especially sugary sweets, which I always hated before), orange juice and fruit throughout so far.



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