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kara - March 7

I am a little over 35 weeks and I have started to have some swelling in my legs. I have really cut down on the salt, my doctor says its normal and to stay off my feet, but my mom keeps tellling me all these horror stories about how bad it is to be swollen and she keeps telling me im going to get preclampsia. Its freaking me out!! Is swelling normal? Should I even listen to my mom?


Tasha - March 7

Hey I am just over 35 weeks also and have been getting swollen for just over 2 weeks now. I went to the doctor and he told me to cut back on salt and rest as much as possible. There is the chance that you could get preclampsia but I wouldnt worry about it too much because if the doctor was worried they would have put you on strict bed rest. My mom tells me horror stories too, and I really think it is to make themselves feel like they know better that anyone. Just take it with a grain of salt and just know that she is trying to help. But yes it is normal, my shoes dont even fit my fat little feet anymore. Hopefully that helps, hang in there.


Gail - March 10

I'm currently 33 weeks and I've been getting swollen feet and ankles for a good 3 weeks now, on and off. My mom is concerned too! A certain amount of swelling is completely normal. My birth instructor last night told us that if it gets to the point that our feet are purple-ish and that when push in on the skin and the indent stays, we need to go to the dr. so they can check blood pressure. She also said to lay off salt and drink water with lemon which acts as a natural diuretic.


Dawn - March 16

Hi there - I'm 32 weeks and I've had swelling in my feet, ankles and hands for the last four weeks. There are three things you can do to allieviate the problem (which is often worse in the evenings) - 1) Drink plenty of water. 2) Excercise - a good brisque walk for 30 minutes will help enormously 3) In the evenings, when relaxing, prop your feet up on a cushion on the couch. The cutting out on salt is a red-herring and swelling doesn't necessarily have any link with pre-eclampsia. This condition is usually diagnosed with high blood pressure and swelling in the face. So long as you have regular checkups and your blood pressure is around normal for you, then there's no problem.


nina - June 30

I have the same thing and Im a nervous reck


Rue - June 30

Hey, I'm 39 weeks and have been swelling off and on for the past 3 weeks. Things that seem to help me are- cold showers, cuc_mbers, putting my feet up, exercise (walking or swimming... preferably swimming) and flax seed oil of all things. None of these things totally relieve it and some of these things may be psychosomatic, but... whatever gets you through the day right.


Rue - June 30

Anyone waking up with swollen fingers that (no joke) click when you bend them? At least for the start of the morning.


Lynn - June 30

Watermelon is a natural diuretic also.. Try eating some every day.


Staci - June 30

I agree with Dawn. It is old school thought that swelling in feet is related to preeclampsia. Apparently, the newer medical journals have removed that as an indicator, since 95% of pregnant women have NORMAL swelling in their feet. If youre swollen in your FACE and have high blood pressure, you may have preeclampsia. But swollen ankles in the summer is not abnormal at all. I also agree and have learned that cutting out salt altogether is bad. your body will storehouse salt if you dont ingest some. Cut down a bit if you can, and drink lots of water. but dont go salt free.



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