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jenbabe - February 20

Hey all, I will be 37 weeks here in 2 days and in the past couple of days I have noticed that my hands and feet have became a little swollen.. nothing REALLY major, just a little bit.. enough for me to notice. But I was wondering if thats normal, or if it could be a sign of something wrong? and also, another question.. I have been going to the bathroom (#2) a lot more lately and the color is a dark dark green.. sorry tmi... i know.. just curious if anyone knows what this could mean.. i havent been eating anything differently either so that cant be it.


Gretta - February 20

dark green poo (sorry) could just be excess iron from vitamins. Don't know about the swelling though.


kparker - February 20

i am 38w2d and i've had swelling off and on throughout my pregnancy, but it's gotten a lot worse the past 2 weeks. i can no longer wear my wedding ring and my shoes fit really snug! my dr said it's all completely normal though due to circulation is not as good when you're carrying around all that extra weight. as for the poo, i've had that at times too and i'm not really sure, i've heard it can be consuming too much iron or vitamins but i dunno? i don't think it's really anything to worry about though! well good luck!


DownbutnotOUT - February 20

Usually green stools is due to iron, probably from your materna vitamins. About the sweeling I would mention it to your dr just to be on the safe side, it might be an early sign of preeclampsia.


lolita - February 20

I was noticing my ankles were swelling and I was starting to see little shooting star looking things (that did not really exist) and I told a coworker and she had preclampsia with one of her babys and said that was a symptom she had. She called her mom who is a nurse and told her my feet were swelling and I was seeing sparkly spots and she said I need to call my doctor right away. So I did and they told me to go to the hospital to get checked. So I did just to be safe, everything was fine but Im glad I went to make sure! Be sure to elevate your feet as much as possible and let your doctor know you are having swelling. Green poo is common I think. Watch for sparkly spots or blurry spots in your vision.


niccki - February 20

I am 30 weeks and in the last two weeks have really started to swell and retain a lot of water. I also teach and I am on my feet all day. Are you still working (I hope not.)? I was told to drink more liquids, stay away from extra salt, prepacked meals (Frozen dinners, which I don't eat.) and to elevate my feet above my heart. Hope this helps!


missycc4 - February 21

I've noticed that my feet are swollen and that I'm dizzy more. I also see spots. I'm having more troble getting my breath. I told my Dr but didn't seem to worry. I stopped walking everyday. and I drink a lot as it is. I don't think I can drink anymore. I don't see my Dr again until the 28th.


HoneyB - February 21

Missy, don't totally stop the walking. We need to keep the circulation going in the legs to keep them from swelling too much. It's better to walk a bit than it is to stand around or sit around. Yesterday I was at a teacher inservice all day and all I did was sit in a chair all day. My feet were soooo swollen by the afternoon. I find the best thing to do is put my feet up when I can, and to spend some time walking around, and also have my husband ma__sage my legs and feet in the evenings to promote circulation. I have swollen feet/ankles/calves almost every day, though some weeks are worse than others. I'm in Malaysia, though, where it is tropical and hot every day, so that also contributes to more swelling.



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