Swelling Worry

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MC - October 16

I am 34 weeks along...by 2:00 in the afternoon my feet, ankles, legs, and knees are swollen. Is it normal to swell that much in the leg area. My hands and face are not swelling. Please help!


swtpea - October 16

I am 28 wks along, and I have swelling as well in all those areas. Some days I cant even see my ankles, my feet at times wont fit in my shoes, so I have to loosen the ties really loose, I havent paid much attn to my knees, but I know they ache along with my hips. But after work, all this is visable. Or if Im active any particular day. I think its a lot of water retention, specially when you get closer to the due date, and having to pack all that weight around, that is being put on quite quickly with in a few month period.


Alissa - October 16

Yes the swelling is okay its just part of pregnancy now if it gets really bad i would try and get an appt. with the doctor.


MC - October 16

Thank you ladies! I have asked my doctor about the swelling but she didn't seem to worried about it. I just get nervous when my knees, legs, ankles, and toes all seem to look about the same size!! They usually go down if I put my feet up for about an hour or so. I guess I'm just a very nervous first time mom to be! :) Thanks again!


Brandy - October 16

MC, I know exactly how you feel. I actually have had swelling in my lower legs and ankles since about 4 months. By the end of the day they look horrible. However, the fact that it goes down when you put them up is a good sign. Obviously they are monitoring for signs of preeclampsia, but if your not swelling in the hands/face, having high blood pressure, extreme headaches, or protein in the urine, the doctor will just continue to monitor. My OB said just to watch for these other signs and call if they develop. Remember to wear good shoes, drink lots of water, and get those feet up as often as you can. Also, I have heard putting a bag of frozen vegetables on them at night can help if they ache. Mine just feel tight sometimes.



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