Swelling And High Blood Pressure

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mom to be - November 7

I just got back from my Dr's appt and told him that i had alot of swelling in my legs and feet, he said it is cause i am pregnant and all my weight is forcin the water into my tissues which causes me to swell...well i know that pregnancy causes swelling but since my last birth of my son i started to swell like i am now (like when u push on your skin it takes a print and then takes a minute for the skin to come back normal) and it turned out that i eventually had high blood pressure and they induced me 2 weeks early...my blood pressure was normal this time but i am nervous as h__l .... has anyone else experienced this? my dr says that swelling and hb dont go together like they used to think they did....


klm - November 7

My blood pressure has been terrific the entire pregnancy but starting this weekend my legs and feet have swelled to unrecognizable sizes. I have been drinking pletny of water and staying away from salt and caffeine which I know amke you retain more water, could there be something wrong? I am 37 weeks.


mom to be - November 7

my bloods pressure was 106 / 70, does anyone know if that is good or not


YC - November 7

Hi mom to be, I have been having the same problems with swelling but I also have it bad in my wrists. It really hurts overnight and in the mornings. They also found protein in my urine on Friday. I have been told these are signs of high blood pressure but my BP has been "excellent" according to my dr. They said they would watch it. I am 34 weeks. Sorry I wasnt more help just wanted you to know you aren't alone.


Michelle - November 8

I am 28 weeks and in the same boat right now. My ankles and feet are swelling really bad right now to the point where they hurt! I have high blood pressure, but I take baby aspirin to keep in somewhat normal. I am usually about 126/82. Little one is not moving around much today .,....wondering if I should be concerned. This is my second pregnancy and dont remember being like this with my daughter.


MM - November 8

Hi all, these could all be signs of PreEclampsia or Toxemia. It is a condition that some women (about 10%)get during pregnancy and should be watched carefully by a doctor. It is a high blood pressure problem and can cause kidney and/or liver damage or failure if not treated. Signs of it are high blood pressure, swelling in hands and feet, protien in urine etc. Click here to get more info. http://www.webmd.com/content/article/4/1680_51845.htm Good luck to everyone and I hope all is well.


MM - November 8

I guess that link doesn't work. Just go to WWW.webmd.com and type in toxemia in the search. It comes up with a whole bunch of articles regarding the condition.


Sandra - November 8

Like MM said all those things are signs, but not on their own. It's the combination of high BP, swelling in the hands and feet and protein in the urine that is reason for concern. Swelling by itself is a "normal" symptom of pregnancy. My doctor also said it is sudden swelling i.e. yesterday you had none and today your hands and/or feet are really puffed up. If at any stage you see black spots or start suffering from headaches as well, do contact your doctor immediately.


KFish - November 8

I would talk to your doctor and check for protien in your urine like YC said. Usually a sign of pre-clampsia (toximia) is swelling of the lower limbs. Make sure you cut down on salt. Drink water instead of juice or gatorade.


to Michelle - November 8

Drink a really sweet drink & lay down for an hour or so. Your baby should move some during that time.


Gemma - November 9

To mom to be: 106/70 blood pressure is fine.


Heather - November 9

don't know if this helps, my last pregnancy i had bp issues, so I've been stressed out this time. My bp has been a little high for me, but the drs here don't worry unless you hit 140/90. That seems to be the magic number here!


TO MICHELLE - November 9

Does your doctor know you are taking baby asprin? You are NOT supposed to take asprin at all when you are pregnant. Also, it's a blood thinner so if you went into spontaneous labor or need an emergency csection...it could pose a problem. I would definately let your doctor know that you are taking that.


Website Re: Aspirin - November 9



Website - November 9

take out the dashes (-)



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