Swelling Carpal Tunnel Amp Numb Fingertips

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L - October 14

Hi all, I have been having quite a bit of swelling in my hands and wrists and wake up with nearly immobile joints in my hands, very difficult and painful to bend fingers, feet also hurt to stand. Also, my fingertips are really numb. My OB's nurse says it is probably temporary carpal tunnel caused by swelling. Has anyone else been dealing with this?? Other than drinking lots of water and cutting out salt, does anyone have other tips on reducing swelling? I see my Doc on Monday but thought someone else might be dealing with the same thing.


Elizabeth - October 14

I am 33 weeks and this started for me last week, my hands hurt, I feel like I have arthristis in my fingers.My feet hurt for a short time when wake up but my hands are swollen pretty much all day.I have not gained a whole lot of weight and my o.b. says everything looks good so I guess it is just part of it, I have had a very easy pregnancy so I guess I will take what I've got, good luck!


c - October 14

I'm 36 weeks and I've had swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome and numbness in my fingertips on and off for about a month - it's due to the pressure of the baby. I drink plenty of water and hardly eat anything with salt and haven't gained much weight either, yet still get the swelling. For the swelling, I've used ice packs or subst_tuted it by dipping a bandana in water and then freezing it (silly I know). I've also picked up cheap wrist bands to help with ct and have taken computer breaks and re-positioned my hands too, which can help. Unfortunately, swelling, ct and numbness in the fingertips are normal while you're pregnant and goes away once you deliver. However, inform your doctor if you're feet, wrists, hands and face swell at the same time because it could be a sign of preclampsia or if it's bothering you or a concern to you.



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