Swelling Edema

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Stacey - April 1

Is anyone else swelling like the goodyear blimp? I'm 39 weeks and can't get my shoes on. My hands look like marshmellows. Anyone know how to relieve this at all?


Christine - April 1

I do...and I cannot wait for it to go away...mine is mainly in my feet/ankles and hands...but it is tremendously noticable anymore...Im 38 weeks...It worrys me because of the circulation...but it is common and really the only thing that helps me is to put my feet up for a while...I'm still working so during the day it gets pretty bad, but once I get home and rest it goes down quite a bit...my hands are real bad every morning to the point where I cant make a fist...but by the time I shower and all its down most of the way...good luck hoping for a healthy/soon(lol)/quick labor for us both...


Lulu - April 2

I am 31 weeks and my ankles and feet are swollen - sometimes my hands, too. My doctor told me not to eat salty food and rest, rest, rest. I also heard pickles are not the best.


TAsha - April 2

Hi I am the same. I am 39 weeks and I havent been able to wear shoes for over a month now. I have been wearing sandals, it is winter up here in Canada.lol


jill - April 4

i am 37 weeks and my feet look huge. i can barely see my toes .. my hands are so swollen at the knuckles that I can barely make a fist. The doc says its all normal....


Alyssa - April 4

Be careful not to avoid all salt though. I'm a not doctor but I read it's a fact that you _do_ need salt to take in water. A friend of mine here had her mother-in-law tell her _zero_ salt and she got in trouble from her Dr. Seems you need salt to balance the water. Not sure how it works, although too much salt _is_ bad. I'm due in 8 days and the last week here my hands have been swollen so it hurts to make a fist and I keep getting "pitting edema" which means if ya push on my shin ya leave a indent that literally takes like 5 minutes to go away. Really freaked me out the first time, husband rushed me to ER. They were like, sorry hunny, get used to it!


Courtney - May 14

I started swelling around 26 weeks pretty severly, my feet even cracked open at one point.. i just recently started pitting... and it is NOT fun... :-) But one thing i've found that makes a great deal of difference is getting plenty of sleep and laying on my left side at night... Of course lowering salt/sodium intake and drinking plenty of water helps.. but being rested helps alot more. Good luck!


Ann - June 10

I'm 36 weeks and I have this too. My feet and ankles are bigger than my husband's now. In the mornings my feet are still swollen, but so are my hands and face. Also, I feel like I have carpal tunnel syndrome. I can't open things or grip very hard. I have been drinking TONS of water, but the swelling is still there. Also, it doesn't seem as if I am urinating as much as I am drinking. Oh well, hopefully the end will be here soon.


ES - June 10

Has anyone else been checked for toxemia or pre eclampsia? I had sudden onset swelling and a large weight gain due to water retension and I have had blood work and urine that shows I have early toxemia. I am 34 weeks and I like you thought it was heat and pregnancy that caused this. I have had normal blood pressures but I am very concerned for the baby because there are serious risks like a decrease in fetal activity and blood flow etc.


Jbear - June 12

To ES, I have pre-eclampsia too. I had it during my last pregnancy, too. If you can make yourself sleep on your left side, it will help decrease water retention. If your pre-eclampsia is severe, your doctor may do weekly non-stress tests to make sure your baby is doing well. Your doctor probably told you to do kick counts, too. That way you can watch for any decrease in fetal activity.


fay - August 11

Hi, i really feel sad about ur situations...i'm 20 years old and 35 weeks pregnant and luckily i haven't experienced any swelling or heaviness, i feel very light...i haven't gained alot too, may be coz it's my 1st baby..i hate sitting or laying in one place i'm always on move may be this is the reason....well since two days i'm experiencing a strange thing like my legs gets heavy suddenly and i feel a pressure going down..it feels like i got diarrhea but when i got to bathroom there's nothing, also since yesterday i got a buring feeling in my bladder feels like i got urge to urinate but same when i go to bathroom it's hard to do so..is anyone going through this??


lyn - August 11

eat watermelon or cuc_mbers..they are a natural diuretic...well at least that's what my doctor says..and it works for me.


janet hoots - August 12

yes i am my face, feet and hands are so swollen i can't wear my wedding ring or tennis shoes.


Kspa - August 13

Increase your protein intake. Protein shakes are the best. Also increase vegetable consumption along with lots of water. Light exercise will actually help as well (stretching and walking).


baby abbey - August 13

When I go to bed at night I have huge ankles and skinny hands...When I wake up I have beautifully thin ankles (lol) and "fat" hands. I am due any day and honestly the only relief has been the lack of humidity.



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