Swelling In My Legs

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mommie2b - March 30

I am swelling badly in my legs and i can push on my leg and it will leave a dent and they look like they are going to bust open. what causes that?


^lucy^ - March 31

some pregnanct ladies get water in their legs and hands that cause them to swell.. this is due to excess fluids in our bodies and this occurs more in women who either sit or stand for long times without moving.. limiting ur salt intake, drinking more water and juice, lifting your legs up while sitting helps a lot to get rid of the water retention in ur body.. hope this helps :)


mommybear - March 31

yes. I have the exact same problem. (and it's so gross) What my MD told me to do was put your feet up.. above your heart level, and drink 10 -8oz gla__ses of water throughout the day. I know it makes you pee more, and we're already miserable peeing as much as we do, but when you pee, you release the excess water. If that and limiting your salt intake doesn't help over 3 days.. a weekend period of time, call them .. say Monday, and let them know. They may have to come in to be checked for pre-eclampsia. They'll just check your blood pressure to make sure it's not going up. More than likely it's not.. there's other symptoms of it.. headache that won't go away, even after a bath and taking a tylenol pm with a nap, blurry vision, and sudden swelling in hands and face.. really watch your face, because I have swollen hands. I don't know where you live, but if the weather is starting to get warmer it also causes the swelling.. on warm days here.. 65` + .. I notice my swelling is twice as bad, and it's harder to get rid of. I hope this helps.


Amanda584 - March 31

Hi ladies. I am currently 4 days overdue and I have had swelling concerns since I was about 34 weeks. However, my blood pressure and everything is fine. One thing that I have found really helps is swimming. I have read that the pressure that water exerts on your body helps to push out excess fluids (and,of course you end up peeing it out). I notice that my swelling is better for at least a day after swimming or doing aquasize.


TaraNMatt - April 3

its called edema. slight swelling is the norm after about 30 weeks, but be careful and have your blood pressure checked and also if there is protein in your urine. i started swelling a little in my ankles and my hands and about 3 weeks later the doc found my bp had gotten fairly high and a week after that i was found to have 2+ protein in my urine. i was initially told i have pih (pregnancy induced hypertension) and i just took a 24 hour urine test, which i have yet to get the results of. but based on those results, they will diagnose me with preeclampsia or not. just be careful and if you have any headaches or pain under your right rib, or blurred vision notify your ob/gyn. not trying to scare you, it could just be normal. just letting you know to keep the doctor in the loop and they'll keep an eye on you.


sunshinemccloude - April 3

I've also had really bad swelling in the last two weeks, it just seems to keep getting worse! I have the same thing with my legs and my hands are also partially numb. I also was worried about my blood pressure one day when I woke up with a headache. I went to my university's infermery just to get my blood pressure checked. You don't necessarily have to call your doctor if you're worried about your blood pressure, you can get it taken at any hospital or even places like Stop and Shop or Walmart. Every woman is different but I think the average measurement of "high blood pressure" that indicates hypertension is around 140/90.


luvmyboys - April 3

My midwife told me to eat lots of protein to get rid of swelling. I have been on a no sugar, no white flour, no processed foods diet for almost a week. After only 24 hours of this my swelling was better and my blood pressure had dropped (it had started to go up). I haven't felt hot and puffy since. It used to be my hands would be so puffy that they almost ached and tingled. This has helped me a lot, along with drinking lots.



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