Swelling Like A Balloon

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Liss - November 9

Hey im 38 weeks and i just keep swelling and swelling since last saturday. I went to the doctor yesterday and i had a little bit of a high blood pressure there was a trace of protein in my urine and they could tell that I was swollen but said lets just watch it. Well im sorry to tell them but I dont think i can take it anymore it is getting to much i cant even close my hands all the way because it hurts so bad from the swelling. I really dont know what to do does anyone have any suggestions on what to do please help.


Ginny - November 9

Bless your heart! Have you tried cutting salt out of your diet? If I eat anything salty I swell up until my rings are cutting into my fingers, so I tried eliminating as much as I could and it REALLY helps. Good luck with everything!


Liss - November 9

Yes i have done that this all started on saturday that it got really bad i just wish to have maybe a bath will work and if not i just might call the doctor again.


Steph - November 9

I have been swelling a lot lately also, although my BP has remained fine and there was no protein found in my urine. My doctor still has me off my feet as much as possible with my legs propped up above my heart to reduce the water retention. I have also tried to cut salt out as much as possible and it seems to help some. Unfotunetly it is just another one of the ailments of pregnancy that many woman have to go through. Also you are getting close to then end so I am sure that your swelling is a result of the baby moving down and your body preparing for labor. I will be 38 weeks on Friday - when is your due date? Good Luck - Just try to hang in there - you will have your baby soon enough!


Liss - November 9

Well i will actually be 38 weeks on friday also my due date is Nov. 25 but i have been having alot of contractions this past hour so im not sure i might be having him today :) We will both be having our babies real soon and if i do end up having him i will try and send the vibe your way. Thanks and gool luck to you also. By the way what are you having a boy or girl?


to liss - November 10

not to scare you, but please keep an eye on that, my friend at swelling at 32 weeks and a bit of eleveated bp. Within 48 hours she had to have an emergency c-section and was diagonosed with preeclampsia. That can be very dangerous. Reallly not to scare you, but you do have signs of that--at least you are past term!! Hang in there and good luck


Liss - November 10

Well im being induced tomarrow :) I cant wait so I know that I only have one more day left of this swelling pain. lol. I hope everyone else it getting just as good news as I am.



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