Swelling Nausea Amp Difficulty Breathing

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Laurabelle - December 11

I am 24 wks along and I woke up this morning and felt like my hands were swollen. I grabbed my wedding rings and sure enough I couldn't put them on. Is this normal at 24 wks? My pg book said that in the 3rd trimester some swelling, especially in your face in the morning is normal. But I'm not in the 3rd tri yet. It also said that your fingers (as well as feet, face, etc) may be swollen in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I'm no where near my last few weeks yet. I also woke up in the night and couldn't fall back to sleep for a little while. After laying in bed about 45mins I started to feel nauseous and it was more difficult to breathe. What do you all make of any of this? And is waking up in the morning with my hands swollen to where my rings won't even go on considered "all of a sudden" swelling versus gradual swelling? Everything I am reading online talks about all of a sudden swelling being a cause for concern. But what dictates "all of a sudden"? Thanks in advance for your comments!


Emy - December 11

The sudden swelling they warn you about is if you notice it in your hands, feet and face where is it really noticeable. Like, wow, look at how swollen my face is! I think the fact that you can't fit on your wedding rings is totally normal since I have not been able to wear mine since around that time and my swelling has been considered "normal pregnancy swelling." If you have been keeping up with your doctor's appt. they will have told you if you had high blood pressure or protein in your urine. You said it "felt like your hands were swollen." This is normal. The day you wake up and say "holy cow, look at my hands and face!", that is when you should worry...


Elizabeth - December 11

Have you gained a lot of weight? That might have something to do with it, but if not, I am not sure how normal it is at 24 weeks to wake up suddenly swollen. I did not swell until about 34 weeks and it definetly was noticable in my hands and ankles. I would call your dr. and ask, they might have you just come in and do a urine test. You know your body better than anyone and if you feel worried that you have too much swelling, find out!


Christi - December 11

I am 28 weeks (almost) and I have been swelling since the beginning. I was freaked too... worried about alot of things... my doctor told me not to worry.... some women just do this. If something were majorly wrong, you'd know it. So far everything has been peachy for me... the doctor told me that I think too much... thats my only issue...lol. Try to watch your sodium intake.... salt makes you retain fluid...also sodas/caffine do it too. Drink lots of water... and try not to worry so much.


suze - December 12

Laurabelle: Call your doctor--that sounds pretty rapid, especially if it does not go down. I think the nausea and difficulty breathing along with the swelling are good indications that a doctor should check you out. Hope all is well. Let us know!



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