Swelling Not Due Until March 17th

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Maria - January 4

Hey, I am due in March. I was just wondering if anyone has had to take off rings and jewelry because of swelling? I never had this problem when I was pregnant with my son.(Although that was 4yrs ago)I just really hope that I am not the only one going through this, Don't get me wrong I love being pregnant and feeling this little baby move around all throughout the day. I just get to wondering sometimes will I ever get back to my 115lbs. Anyhow just wondering if swelling in feet and having to take off wedding rings is something that other woman are having to deal with as well.


randi - January 4

im due march 2nd ive had some swelling but not that bad im sure its normal, if you eat alot of salt lay off that will make swelling worse.


jb - January 4

I am 34 weeks and lately my ankles are usually swollen everynight. My rings wont come off my hand unless I put alot of lotion on my finger. But they dont hurt when they are on, like they are not too tight yet to be uncomfortable. I drink alot of water but it doesnt really seem to help. I guess i have no advice, but I am in the same boat as you. :o)


Heather - January 4

A good thing to check is how swollen you are in the morning. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and the doctor was saying that swelling in the hands and feet is normal, but it should decrease with rest, drink extra water and putting your feet up. That is why you shouldn't really be swollen in the morning. My hands are really bad in the morning (all the time actually). He told me to stretch my arms up and open & close my hands and wiggle my fingers. I eases the pain in them a bit. If the swelling is painful after rest I would call the dr just to make sure it isn't more than normal swelling.


L - January 4

I am due Feb 18 and haven't been able to get my wedding ring on that finger for a month now....I wear it on my pinky. My feet/ankles aren't too bad unless I am on my feet all day. I don't put salt on anything and drink lots of water and am still swelling. I have been told it is normal as long as my blood pressure isn't high. Good luck!


sarah513 - January 5

im 28 weeks and i havent had any swelling only when i fall asleep on my arm and my hand falls asleep.. my fingers swell then so i just dont wear jewelry.. but swelling with me isnt a problem



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