Swimming After Dilated

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Atarahsmommy - July 18

Ok, i am 1 cm dilated as of yesterday, my doctor didn't say anythin about restrictions because of being dilated, but I don't know if it is safe to go swimming after being dilated, has anyone asked their ob about this and know if it is safe or not?


Tanna - July 18

I would say you can swim as long as your amniotic bag is still intact.


Steph - July 18

I was 3cm dialated and my doc told me no swimming because my cervix was open. Not sure if it mattered the amount i.e., 1cm vs. 3cm, but you may want to call the office and see what your doc recommends. Usually those kind of restrictions are given only if you ask them. I don't think that they remember to tell to all their patients. :o)


Revel - July 18

yeah i just talked yesterday to doctor and they said NO SWIMMING even tho im only 1 cm dialated lol really sucks since its like 100 degrees out everyday it seems :( and they said definately no hot tub anymore cuz cooks baby even faster now x.x


Atarahsmommy - July 18

ok, well that sucks, but oh well I'd rather be safe than sorry, its not worth the risk. What about baths, would that be safe since it doesn't have chlorine and its not public (obviously) so it would be cleaner, would that still be off limits


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 18

does that go for baths too? Ive been dialated for 6 weeks now.


krc - July 18

YOU CAN BE DILATED FOR WEEKS !!!! that doesn't mean you cant go about your life. What if you were never checked? Then you wouldn't even know so what difference would it make !


Revel - July 19

i dont think her question was asinine, i had the same qwestion for my doctor adn they were very serious when they told me absolutely no swimming or hottub and if it means protecting my baby id go right along with whatever my dr says cuz i know he has my babys health at interest


Been There - July 19

I'm guessing baths should be fine because they will even let you give birth in a tub. Plus, some women get in the tub to help them through labor. So that shouldn't hurt the baby. With swimming, it's probably the chemicals or other germs that aren't in bath water that the doctor is worried about. Just my thoughts.


Revel - July 19

yeah my doctor said it was because even tho chlorine in swimming pools is a close to sterile product there is other ppl swimming in it contaminating it so its not that great to be in said should avoid baths but i dont have to because it will be for just me and no one elses germs ect :)


Tanna - July 20

Well hell! I like to swim, I figured it would be fine as long as your bag of water was still intact. That seems to make sense to me. How can the baby be reached by anything if bag is not broken? Just my thoughts, I would follow Dr.'s advice though.



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