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Nurs2b21 - November 21

For the past 3 days all of sudden I've just been really swollen. It's like I've blown up like a balloon. My feet don't look like feet and my hands are swollen. I went to doc today and my blood pressure was up. It's usually in the 90's over 60 something but today it was 130/67. Is this really bad? My doc didn't seem to think much of it. I was hoping she would just induce me since Sunday I'll be 39 weeks. She said she wouldn't let me go past 41 weeks. I just feel miserable! I'm worried and want the baby to be okay. Any advice?


margie - November 21

Oh my goodness I know how you feel. I am in my 35th week...the doctor was concerned about it in my case, but maybe because youre so close its normal? I think they usually go by your baseline blood pressure and then if it rises that is not so good....so in that case yours is pretty high, you normally have quite a low bp! I'm sure your baby is ok, if you feel any thing else though like headaches, vision changes, change in your LO's movements I would go to L&D at the hospital that you delivering, and you'll have a good excuse considering its a holiday this weekend, at my hospital they check you out over there if you have any problems. Go rest and put your feet up and drink a LOT of water!!!! Hope you feel better soon..


Jilloh - November 21

130/67 is considered normal and in a safe range for most people. If yours is normally lower maybe you should ask your doctor about it specifically. My bp would love to be 130/67 (with my first my bp was in the 140-150 range/80-90 range). With this one I am right about 130/67......ask if you are worried.


Nurs2b21 - November 21

Thanks ladies....I did ask her about the blood pressure today and she said it was a little high for me but that it was probably because of being swollen. I've just been so fortunate this whole pregnancy not to have any problems and it just concerned me. Thanks!


January - November 21

It could just be pregnancy induced hypertention, have they been dipping your urine to check for protein?


Nurs2b21 - November 22

Yeah they checked my urine and it was fine....guess its just these last days of pregnancy...sucks..lol.


Anathi - November 22

Nurs2b21 hope this relieves your worry otherwise I'm also swollen my feet are huge and at 34 my Dr told me it's nothing major nothing with the urine and my BP 120/70 which is also fine. I mean you are not alone in the ballon world lol !!


Nurs2b21 - November 23

I'm glad to know this is normal.....this is off subject but while im on here I might as well ask....has anyone else got a really sore pubic bone?? Mine pops and grinds all the time and especially at night when I roll over. It's loud too! lol What is this?



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