Swollen Ankles

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Angei - October 31

Does anybody know what you can do about swollen ankles? I try putting my feet up and drinking more water, but it really doesn't help. Anything work for anyone else?


Christy - October 31

I bought (well, I sent my husband out to buy) light compression stockings at the drug store and they have helped a lot. I got the knee highs that you use for varicose veins, etc. I basically wear them all of the time except when I am in bed sleeping. I have two pairs and have one pair washed and drying while I wear the other pair. They are kind of ugly (only came in a dark beige or black) but so are fat swollen feet, and you can't get your fat swollen feet in your shoes either! Elevating your legs will help minimize swelling, but I don't feel that it eliminates it. If you think about it, the baby is pressing on your major vessels that lead to/from the legs, so it is hard for fluid to come back up to the body for elimination since it can't get around the "obstruction" that baby is causing. Anyway, I think that the stockings have made a big difference and recommend trying them.


susie - October 31

mine are like as if someone has pumped them up with a football pump. My ankles and feet and toes are really bad. its really sore to walk with them, plus my hands are badly swollen too . are you sure theres nothing to worry about christy??


melissa - October 31

I am 35 weeks pregnant and although still exercise everyday swollen ankles are becoming very uncomfortable. I use Peppermint foot lotion from the Body Shop. I also just spent the last ten minutes dangling my legs in the pool which has helped wonders (pool was very cold!). Good luck on your pregnancy.


kim j - October 31

drink lots and lots of water.... and try to put your feet up. also eat less salt. i have done all this though and some nights im swollen that i get tingly..


Christy - October 31

Susie- I never said there was nothing to worry about, but swelling is very common during pregnancy. Have you told/shown your doctor your swelling? Persistent severe swelling in hands, feet, and/or face could be a sign of pre-eclampsia. The nurses at the OB's office always ask me about swelling each visit. I've shown them my more recent swelling, and they thought it was within acceptable limits given my normal BP. If your doc thinks it is "normal", try the compression stockings. They really help.


jena - October 31

as long as your blood pressure doesn't rise and you aren't having signs of pre-eclampsia (like high BP or a sudden change in swelling) it's normal - i had a pedicure the other day and the first thing the woman said (hadn't noticed my belly yet) was "your feet are swollen!" - I agree though, nothing really seems to help! I'm 35 weeks with twins though so it's almost over!


Christy - November 1

Jena- My legs looked like logs after my pedicure a couple of weeks ago from soaking in the warm water. That is when I sent out hubby for the ugly stockings- LOL.


Shanna - November 1

I no longer have ankle bones! 29 weeks along and this has been bothering me for the past 2 weeks. I used to have nice slender feet, not anymore! My pressure has always been normal. For you ladies who bought the "ugly sockings", did you get them at a normal drug store? Think its time to break down and buy some. Thanks.


Christy - November 1

I got the ugly stockings at a place called Discount Drug Mart, which has a lot of medical supplies and equipment in addition to the regular drugstore stuff. I bet CVS, Target, Walgreen's and Wal-Mart has them. Maybe call before you go to the store to ask if they have them.



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