Swollen Ankles Anyone

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mira - February 27

my right ankle is swollen it looks so rediculous! anyone know what caused it and how i can get rid of it? i'm 351/2 weeks.


BigBelly#2 - February 27

With my first pregnancy, my feet were HUGE!! They didn't even look like mine and when I came home from the hospital- none of my shoes would fit for a few weeks so I had to wear flip flops!! This time, the swelling is less, but still there. I have named my feet "Fred and Wilma" after the Flintstones. This is all very normal for pregnancy my Dr. says. There is so much more blood circulating in your system and you get, sometimes, a lot of water retention in your feet and also lower legs. It helps to prop your feet up during the day and drink lots of water. Beyond that, just have to deal with it until after baby comes. Good luck!!


Lelia - March 3

My left ankle has been swollen since 34 weeks-I'm now 39 weeks. First they said I had thrombosis, then they said I had phlebitis, then it was gout-this time I went to the ER and they said I had a sprained ankle that just won't heal. I was told that pg women sprain their ankles all of the time and don't realize it because of the excess weight we put on-it is mistaken for edema, but when it hurts like crazy, and is only one ankle, I would tend to agree. Either way, the best way to take are of it is ice it, wrap it, and stay off of it (elevated) as much as possible! Good luck


heidi - April 11

how long will I have swollen ankles after I give birth?


to Heidi - April 12

Mine were swollen for another week to week and a half


Kymmi - April 12

You cannot "get rid of it". At least not until after birth. However, to keep the swelling down some, be sure to drink plenty of water (or any fluid). This helps flush out all the waste from your body and help w/ the swelling. Also, wear comfortable shoes and stay off of your feet for long periods of time. Try to relax often, propping your feet up.



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