Swollen Vagina

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lal - September 1

for yhe last 2 or 3 weeks I have had a really swollen va___a.I know there is increased blood flow but this seems excessive and much more than in my previous 2 pregnancies. It is swollen all the time and is very uncomfortable at times particularly on one side.Is this normal?I also have a lot of discharge at the moment. should I worry?


R. Noel - July 12

Wish I had an answer for you, all I can do is sympathize though. I'm 35 weeks with my second, I also seem to have a vericose vain on my left labia which is really uncomfortable to painful depending. They must be all connected though because I have every single one of those same symptoms!


ljn - July 17

I have the same exact symptoms for about 2 weeks and am in my 31st week. Last week I spoke to my doctor about this and he said it is completely normal due to alot of blood flow in the area and this does happen. He did say it can get worse and can be painful. Although today it is extemely swollen and uncomfortable particularly on one side. I was wondering too,--whats specifically causing this and is there anything I can do to alleviate. I dont think there is anything to worry about.


Jenn - July 21

Right there with you at 33 weeks. I've found an ice pack to be very comforting during these hot summer days. Not much else you can do about it.


Monica - August 1

I am having the same problem on my left side, and my c___toris is very sensitive too. I was worried, but I am sure it's normal due to blood flow. It's weird though. :) Hang in there.


ano - August 22

I'm 30 weeks pregnant and I noticed the same thing this morning. I thought I was the only one out there going through this. I talked to a friens who's a nurse and she suggested that you drink plentlt of water and keep your legs elevated as much as possible.


kellie - August 22

it is perfectly Normal I am working n baby number #4 and it seems everytime the pain from the increased blood flow and swelling only gets worse. Good luck...I have read and been told to try warm compressed and ice compresses if it seems like you cant take it anymore and that does tend to help Good luck


Tammie - August 31

I dont know if I am pregnant but my v____a is swollen...would that be an early sign?


lee - September 1

I'm only 4 weeks along & I noticed that my v____a walls are swollen & I'm tighter than normal down there. It doesn't hurt, but I haven't heard or read about this happening with others. Is this normal?


name - October 2

Im 32 wks and I have swelling too..altho its not painful I can feel/see the difference..Also the skin color is more darker rathar than pink like normal. At the first of my pregnancy s_x was very painful because it seemed as though everything had tightened up down there and it was so dry.Now tho everything seems to be easier


Brooke - October 3

I am at 32 weeks and i have too noticed in the last week that my v____a is swollen..My pelvic muscles r constantly aching and my hip bones and pubic bone r very sore and tender. But i have not had actual pain a__socizted with the v____a only with my pelvic muscles and pain in my thighs


helppppp - November 29

my v____a is extremely swollen, and i am not pregnant! i am a virgin! im so scared! im only 20, whats happening to me!? and i really don't want to get this checked out at the doctors..its embaresing, and i have exams now..helppp!


Shawnta Kent - November 29

I have the same condition, I am now 30 wks pregnant and I was concerned also. My OB Dr. said that if I sit alot, I will probably start to swell there just as I do in my ankles and feet. Just look at it as any other part of the body. It's swelling! and so are you. My husband thinks its great!!


Mellissa - November 30

I read a book called "belly laughs" by Jenny McCarthy who likened her vigina at this stage of pregnancy to "two swollen, blue twinkies, cuddling under really bad carpeting" (She didn't shave down there for the last half of pregnancy, hence the carpeting) All perfectly normal when there is as much as 20lbs extra pressure from your abdomen pressing down on your pelvic area, cutting of the supply of blood. Put an elastic band tightly around a finger and see how purple and swollen it gets, it's the same idea. Of course, you can just take the elastic off but the baby coming is the only thing that can relieve this particular ailment!


feb18 - December 3

I'm 30 weeks and I'm having the same problem. It's swollen at times and the outer part burns when I wipe myself sometimes. It's very uncomfortable and I also have discharge. What's up?


L. Reets - December 8

I was also 30 weeks pregnant when I noticed that my v____a was sore and the inside parts had become really swollen and started protruding esp. the right side. Thank goodness for the internet. I was getting really depressed about it 'thinking is this normal' but I am now a__sured that it is.


Luna - December 29

I am 20 weeks and was actually surfing the net trying to see if this is common. Apparently so, which is kind of comforting. This is my first pregnancy, so all these new things worry me. I have a desk job, so I can a__sume if it's very swollen and tender it is due to the extra weight, bloodflow, and the fact I sit down a lot? It's really only been noticable and uncomfortable the last three days or so. Hope someone has some insight! Thanxs!



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