Swollen Vagina

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Luna - December 29

I am 20 weeks and was actually surfing the net trying to see if this is common. Apparently so, which is kind of comforting. This is my first pregnancy, so all these new things worry me. I have a desk job, so I can a__sume if it's very swollen and tender it is due to the extra weight, bloodflow, and the fact I sit down a lot? It's really only been noticable and uncomfortable the last three days or so. Hope someone has some insight! Thanxs!


kerrie - December 30

right girls the only thing i know that helps and that u can use all the time is witch hazel pads u put the in ya knickers like sanatry pad and they help to take down any swelling im in the uk and u can get them from boots stores for people in other countrys u should beable to get them from supermarkets theres also a new thing called natal nurse which u can use before and after the birth they r re-usablr gel pads that can be used warm or cold to easy the pain they are got for after the birth cos the easy discomfort from stiches or grazes these are from boots to www.boots.com i hope this helps .


k. b - December 30

i have those problems after s_x maybe you change a diffrent kind of body fragrance or soap


Kymmi - April 12

The closer you are to approaching your due date, yes it is completely normal!


E. - April 16

Going on 35 weeks now I was concerned about the swelling in that area as well. This is my 4th pregnancy and never have I felt this before so I was a little worried. I noticed it was swollen when I would go to the bath room and wipe. It feels like it normally feels after birth. I guess there's nothing we can really do about it. Seems to be normal. I just hope my baby doesn't come sliding out.


K.C. - April 18

I think I have the same problem. Does the swelling ever look like water blisters?


Heather - April 25

I am 32 weeks and have the same problem with the right side being swollen. I read in the pregnancy bible that you have veins that run through that area. I just a__sumed that it was a vericose vein under the skin that is causing the swelling. We are carrying around so much extra weight no need to be alarmed. But as for the last question no I dont believe these ever look like water blisters you should probable ask your doctor about that one. Good luck to all of you and your little ones!


mc - May 16

I am 16 wks and I just noticed this morning. I'm swollen on one side only and it looks kind of lumpy.It's scary.Does anyones look a little lumpy?


sharon - May 28

im so glad i read this cuz i thought i had something really wrong with me!


Kelly - May 29

I did not know swelling from the increased blood flow; however, I thought "it" was just gaining weight too. It feels funny to me and I don't like it but everything will be back to normal soon.


Bernice - June 3

I would like to know if is is normal to have c___pms and a burning sentation on the one side in the early stages of pregnancy a


T.V. - June 27

I'm sooo glad I read this because I thought I was the only one with a swollen v____a. I guess I'll try the hot or cold compressors to relieve some of the feeling of someone pulling on my v____a as I walk!!


D. CHilds - July 12

I am not pregnant, but my v____a is swollen at the top part. It looks really fat. I need help.


christy - July 30

I thought I was the only one, I've had these lumps come up on my labia for almost 7 years now. They are always painful and on the right side until a few days ago. Now it's on the other side and my c___toris is swollen too. Usually mine become so enlarged (cherry sized)that they burst blood and I immediately feel better ( i can walk , and sit comfortable). I've had menstrual problems since my first baby and when the 2nd one came my periods have almost stopped ( 5 in 5 years) I'm not expecting cause my tubes were tied. Does anyone else have this?


Lea - September 28

I was noticing the same thing, I am 14weeks pregant and I had this prob with my first pregnancy but, not until late in my pregnancy. I guess its ok Im swelling so early this time? My Dr had me get a pelvic belt type thing from a pregnancy medical supply store during my first pregnancy I guess I will be wearing that again earlier this time.


evola3 - December 22

i have the same symptoms. my doctor says it could be a varicose vein. my right side is extremely swollen and it is very painful. this is also my 3rd pregnancy. my doctor says try to stay off my feet...yeah sure...not with a 4 & 2 yr old



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