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Beth - December 20

I haven't heard from you in awhile and I was wondering if you've had your baby yet? Or maybe you just started working and don't have time to check in anymore, well keep us posted and email me back!


Swtpea - December 20

**BETH** I sent out an email to you, along with a couple other girls, I have canceled my lilyfinder gmail, I'll email you from the one I am using now, its my "business" email, but that is okay to email there. Maybe it didnt get sent right >.< crazy mail!! I havent had my baby yet, I go to the dr on thurs to have an internal done, she said, according to what I described to her, that I'm losing my mucus plug and could be dialated a lil. So we'll see after Thurs. I post occationally on the Jan moms forum. I did start a PT job, but its a stay at home one. B/F gave up his business and I went to work for his Brother for a property management, I work 15hrs/wk just answering phones for now... possibly occationally showing a property to customers, but its not too bad. She has 4kids and does it, I figure its a great stay at home job, and they are growing so I know its a potentially long term job! I hope everything is okay with you. I will email you now to make sure you get one. Let me know if you got it at least by the 21st. I'll keep checked in here.


Beth - December 20

HEy Swtpea-good to hear from you, I never got your email. I'm so happy for you and your job! That must be so nice, and with opportunities for later, that's wonderful ,also having a real job, instead of taking care of your hubby's will be nice for you. Everything is allright with me, same pains and complaints as always, I have inflammed joints and carpal tunnel syndrome, which is tonnes of fun. I have to run, I'm leaving work for the night, but I'll be back tomorrow and I'll let you know if I got your email. I can't believe your losing your mucous plug and your allready dilated, that's so excited, I can't believe how close everyone is!



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