Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

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Shae-lynn - July 14

Hi girls. I am currently 39 weeks and have been having bad groin/pelvic pain for the last few weeks. Last night in bed it was the worst. I almost cried out in pain whenever I tried to turn over and get up to go to the bathroom. I've been reading about symphysis pubis dysfunction and I'm worried that's what I have! It doesn't really bother me much throughout the day however. From what I've read, you shouldn't try to deliver your baby in the traditional positions or you could permanently damage something. This sort of upsets me b/c I don't know for sure if this is what I have. Any comments or insight or personal experience would be greatly appreciated!


sophandbob - July 14

I have experience similar pain, although I am not as far gone as you. Is this your first child? As this is my first child too, I am wondering if this is typical pain because you are getting so close to delievery? Mentioning it to your dr won't hurt.


Tanna - July 14

I have had that pain with each pregnancy now, seriously! Granted, mine was pretty much an all day thing. It hurts like hell to even roll over, let alone trying to stand up from laying down. Walking up the stairs? Yeah, sheer pain! If your pain is like mine is and was, it does go away when baby arrives, if that is any consolation for you.


Shae-lynn - July 14

Hi girls. Thanks for your responses. This is my first baby, sophanbob so I don't know if it's typical pain since I'm close to delivery or not. And Tanna - were you able to deliver normally with this condition or did it make things more difficult? The web page I read said that you should tell your doctor about it because it may affect how you deliver.


Shae-lynn - July 17

Hi again - I'm just bumping up this post because I would still like to hear from someone who had this condition and if it affected their delivery at all. Anyone???


apr - July 17

Goodness!!! This is scaring me coz I have the same thing. It only started about a few weeks ago and I am 38 weeks. Just tell me it's normal pain...


Tanna - July 17

I delivered normally with both.


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 17

Turn over is the key word here. If you woke up on your back, there's the problem. Your baby had his back on your back pinching nerves in the groin for one, plus the weight of the baby when your on your back, if you can imagine, cuz your not flat back there, your tush keeps a little, in my case big arch, the arch gets pressed out from the belly weight when on your back, which hurts in your lower back, bad! and the groin area because of the nerves. You may even feel the groin pain if you are sitting very very straight too.


MMartijem - July 17

Hello! I am 32 weeks pregnant with my third child and have had this condition with my last two pregnancies. It is definately worse this time. The pain for me started early in my pregnancy and grew progressively worse. It can be horrible at times! My doctor suggested a maternity support belt. Helps a little, although I find the pain is worse when laying down or rolling over. After my last pregnancy the pain was gone after I gave birth. Hang in there it will be over soon and you'll forget. Trust me!


falafal0 - July 18

Hi there, I totally feel your pain - no pun intended. I posted the same question a few days ago in the hope that some one could help me. I'm 35 wk pg with our fourth child and around 28 weeks, thought I'd pulled a groin muscle. It got worse and worse, until I was diagnosed with SPD. I have become an invalid somedays and it is very, very difficult. I too worry about birthing and have gone over it thoroughly with my midwife and physio who suggests either lying on side, on all fours, or kneeling. No legs spread apart on the back position or anything where the legs aresperated too much (I know, kind of hard to imagine NOT separating your legs during childbirth, but it's the distance...). I have been given a maternity belt to use, but I feel that with my tailbone injury during my last labour, it has only made my back actually worse than my front pain. Not a day goes by where I do not cry at times from the pain, and as other women have said, night times are the worst with he turning over in bed and getting in and out. Using satin sheets and a satin nightie to slip easier helps I find...I worry about what will happen after the birth, wetherthe pain will stick around. I have a body pillow that takes the wieght off the back and front when sleeping and keeps everything level - maybe you could try it. it goes the length of the bed. I hold hope in the responses in this thread that they've said pain goes away when abby is born and that they delivered naturally. I wouldn't be able to deliver with any pressure on my back anyway...good luck.


falafal0 - July 18

Also, I have reached the stage where the bones click at the front and back when moving, so it's the freakiest thing to feel and hear. This will definately be the last time I have a baby!


Tanna - July 18

Unfortunately for me, since I thought I was done having babies, I sold my support belt at a garage sale last summer! Something I found online: "If the pain is severe, ask your pract_tioner about pain relievers (never take any medications unless specifically okayed by your pract_tioner). Very rarely, SPD can make a v____al delivery impossible and your pract_tioner may opt for a C-section instead. And in even rarer cases, SPD can worsen after delivery, requiring medical intervention. But for most moms, once your baby is born and relaxin production ceases, your ligaments (and your dance moves) will return to normal. "



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