Symptoms At 37 Weeks

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Shona (Edinburgh) - July 10

Hi everyone. I am 37 weeks today and wondered what everyone else's symptoms are/was like at 37 weeks. I still get movement and get lots of kicks in the ribs! I have loads of discharge which is worrying and I am uncomfy all the time.


nelly - July 10

I just exited my 37th week and am enetering my 38th week and for me last week my swellin had increased even more put on 14lbs in 4 weeks. I was still dilated to one which I was at 36 weeks. I am staying competely exhausted and backaches are much worse. I am 38 weeks tomorrow and nothing has changed yet really except I noticed I am becoming very flushed and pale and having headached everyday.Oh and my baby moves more than ever she keeps me up at night its unreal and very uncomfortable at times. My discharge isn't so much anymore I lost my plug at 35 weeks and I have not had much sense then. Lots of Luck!!


anne - July 10

37 weeks here too. lots of movement, no real discharge, still have my plug but i am 50% effaced already. Nelly - you need to get your blood pressure checked, that doesn't sound normal. and get a CBC blood test - the paleness sounds like anemia. the headaches and water weight gain like that could be pre-eclampsia. geti t checked out just in case.


cajun01 - July 11

I am just about 38 weeks now. I am also getting lots of movement, some big kicks that really hurt. Discharge is not too bad. I am not sure how effaced I am (last appointment was 25%), but I do have a lot of pain in my pelvic floor and I have been getting a lot of stabbing pains in my rectum and along my perineum. I have felt great up to today; today was a day where I laid in bed all day and cried a lot. For some reason, I just got really bummed out. Hope I feel better tomorrow.


Shona (Edinburgh) - July 11

I'm ok today - just the heat is unbearable and baby keeps kicking me in the ribs!!!! I cant wait 2 see my baby!!!!


Andrea - July 20

37 weeks here too.. Mostly uncomfortable.. dilated to 3.. baby was breech but turned at 36 weeks..I can't sleep.. and every day I feel as though "today could be the day" but then it does not happen.. what exactly does it mean to have your membranes stripped? Should I ask my doctor to do this to help move things forward?



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