Taking Off The Rings

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Cassie - October 10

For those of you who wear rings... wedding or otherwise... when did you have to take them off due to swelling? I just had to take my engagement and wedding rings off this past weekend (I could hardly get them off even with butter) and I'm really bummed about it. I am 31 weeks.


Cara - October 10

hi ca__sie-It's funny you should right this today because I was just upset about this situation this morning. I am 36 weeks and my wedding band is really hard to get off & on the last few days. My engagement is ok-snug but ok but I am sure it's time to take them both off-Do most people have to eventually take their rings off? When are you due Ca__sie?


Ca__sie - October 10

I don't know the statistics about having to take rings off, but I have read that it is common for pregnant women to have trouble wearing their rings. Just wondered how many on this forum have the problem and when the problem became apparent. I am due Dec. 10th... you? My rings were very snug to begin with, so now they are just impossible to wear.


N - October 10

I am almost 33 weeks and I have only had to take one ring off. I haven't had to loosen my toe rings in quite a while and I am still wearing the thinner wedding band, but I had to the the other one off.. two rings on one finger was just too tight. I really hope I don't have to take the other one off though, I just got married in April so the novelty hasn't worn off yet.


Shannon - October 10

i like my rings a pretty snug fit. but now i can't even wear my engagement ring anymore. it got so tight as i gained weight and my fingers swelled that i was worried i was cutting off circulation. now i can't even put it back on. i hate not wearing it, i haven't been wearing it for 2 weeks. my fiancee and i eloped at niagara falls 2 weeks ago, so my wedding band fits fine. just another reason why i can't wait to drop this weight! i'm at 38 weeks now, btw :-)


Kelly K - October 10

I'm almost 37 weeks and still have no problems wearing my wedding rings. I've been blessed with limited swelling though.


Bree - October 10

Hi Ca__sie, I took mine off last week. I'm now 29 wks (tomorrow), but didn't want to take the chance of swelling a lot and then having trouble. I'm also bummed out about it. As you may know (if this is Ca__sie from the Dec boards) I recently got married so I really hated taking them off. I'm wearing an antique white gold band (that I already had) for the timebeing, but even it's tight.


Heidi - October 10

Take them off and leave them off! I'm 38.5 wks and cannot get mine off and my hands swell so bad that my doc said if my finger starts turning purple she's going to cut my ring off. So I'd rather go 10 wks without it than having it cut off and ruined!!!


Julie - October 10

I took mine of about a month ago. We had such a hot summer and I am surprised I got them off. I am due Thurs. and didn't want to take any chances.


Angie - October 10

For those of you who have your rings swelled on, try using windex around your finger to get it off. It has a chemical in it to suck the water out long enough for you to get the ring off. (This happened to my sister and it was the last resort to cutting it off and it worked!)


Jl - October 10

I'll be 39 weeks on Wed., and I didn't take my rings off til about 37.5 or 38 weeks. Actually, on a Saturday, someone commented that they couldn't believe I could still wear my ring...by Monday, I could barely get it off.


Ca__sie - October 10

Why don't they tell us these things early on? I'm lucky I got mine off when I did. I probably should have taken them off earlier though seeing as they were so difficult to remove. Thanks all for your answers. At least I know I'm not alone. Bree, yep... tis I... the December Ca__sie. :-)


Barb - October 10

mine are stuck on...no taking them off now, but I can still spin them, so it's not too bad I just can't take them off....


kimj - October 10



lisa - October 11

i took mine off when i was like 25 weeks due to the swelling, a bumber at first but im used to it now, just hoping my fingers go back to their normal size after ive got 11 days to go so we will see.


sam - October 11

im 38 weeks and as yet have had no swelling whatsoever, anywhere. im still wearing my engagement ring, id be gutted if i had to take that off


Steph - October 11

I am almost 34 weeks and have had my rings off for about 2-3 maybe 4 weeks now. I started to swell a while ago and they were getting uncomfortable. Certain times of the day they would be fine, but when I would get hotter, I could hardly get them off, so I just decided to put them away, I would rather keep them and not have to have them cut off and not risk cutting off circulation to my finger. Kind of sad though, I really love my engagement/wedding rings and want to wear them all the time, but just like my husband told me when I was upset about it - it's not the rings that truly matter....Good Luck!



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