Tale Bone Hurts

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moe - November 21

Is anyone experiencing their tale bone hurting, it hurts when i walk and I don't feel pressure in my va___a but in my tale bone??? I am 32 wks preg due in January, this is my 3rd child and i have never experienced this before, someone told me it;s because the baby is moving down and it;s getting closer to birth? I don't know what to believe but it sounds about right?? please share your experiences with me


Christy - November 21

Me too!!! Isn't it just awfull? It drives my crazy. This is my 3rd child as well and I never had this pain with the others. I think my body is just giving out!


lynne - November 22

you probably have sciatica. that's when something (in this case, the baby, no doubt) is pressing on your sciatic nerve, causing reflexive pain in your b___t and sometimes down your legs. the good news is that it's completely "harmless" and normal and very common. the bad news is that there's not much you can do to get rid of it. sometimes, the baby will shift position and move off the nerve, and you'll get relief. that's what has happened to me. other times, he/she just continues to agitate the nerve right up through delivery. see if you can find a good ma__sage therapist that specializes in pre-natal ma__sage. sometimes, they can manipulate the baby away from the nerve, or help the nerve away from the baby. good luck!


jessielouwho - November 27

I'm 28 weeks with my first and have had this problem for about 2 weeks now. The dr said it's from the extra weight and pressure on my tailbone and just recommended tylenol and a heating pad. He said that I could visit a ma__sage therapist or chiropractor if I wanted, he also told me no lifting.


Ashley - November 28

I get so sore when I'm over at the in-laws and all of their chairs are so hard! At home, hubby bought me a 65 cm exersize ball from Walmart and I use that as a computer chair. I'm 30 weeks and it's the most comfortable place to sit in the whole house!!!! It's the only way I can be on the computer! :)



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