Tampons Thrush

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jenna32 - September 25

is it safe to use tampons once in awhile when pregnant? i am mostly doing it because i have a bad case of thrush i am trying to get rid of which makes me want to itch down there a lot and sore!Also because of the increased discharge i am changing underwear like 3 times a day !!I i tried pads but they irritate me even more!


DDT - September 25

I have read that its NOT a good idea to wear tampons when pregnant. You should wear pads for the increased discharge and get medication for your thrush.


josie4 - September 25

Tampons should never be used during pregnancy. Using one could introduce new bacteria into the v____a causing an infection that would be harmful to you and your baby.


DDT - September 25

Tampons can introduce new germs into the cervix.


WP - September 25

Tampons can make it worse. Check with your doc.


Tory1980 - September 25

No no no on the tampons. It can cause infection - same reason you can't use them after the birth. You can get a one time use treatment for thrush which is in an applicator (like a tampon) which you put in at night. Taking the oral meds when pregnant is not a good idea and this treats it in one go - well hopefully. You do ned it prescribed by a Doctor so get in to see him/her asap as they don't usually sell the v____al one acros the counter. The problem with thrush is if you don't get it treated through meds it can be picked up through the labour by the baby causing not only thrush but other infections in him/her.


name - September 25

A tampon is going to keep the yeast fungi growing in your v____a, not get rid of it. If you are 100% sure it's a yeast infection (it's sooo hard to tell them apart from bacteria vaginosis) then you should get some over the counter yeast infection medicine, or go to the doc and have them prescribe you some. You can also go and have them check you just to make sure it's yeast, instead of BV. Like I said, they are very hard to tell apart. If you have BV, you'll need a certain type of antibiotic to clear it up, which you can only get by prescription. Also, although I've never tried this, I've heard many people say that inserting (with a tampon applicator) yogurt containing Lactobacillus acidophilus can clear up a yeast infection and help prevent one. I am not sure on how long/often you're suppose to do this though. I'd ask your OBGYN/midwife before doing it, just to double check.


Tammy276 - September 26

NO!! You should not be using tampons when you are pregnant, it can make things worse!! I know it can be irritating and you are more likely to get a yeast infection when you are pregnant, but you can use over the counter medication like monistate 3 to take care of it. Plus just being pregnant will cause more discharge as well. When I was pregnant w/ my son, I had 4 yeast infections and yes, it was irritating, but you should never use a tampon during pregnancy or after. Just wear panty liners and change them often.


jenna32 - September 26

thanks everyone. i started using monistat cream, i hope it works quick so bad, i am so irritated down there !i had 2 yeast infections so far,hopefully that will be the end of it! One was right when i had my last period and again just recently.



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