Telling The Father Weather Its A Boy Or Girl

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TaraM - June 22

Hi everyone just wanted a few suggestions, Me and my husband are going to find out what we are having Im 21 weeks now and the doctor said he could tell us at the next appointment. My husband works away so he will not be able to make it. But the best thing is my next appointment is on his birthday which is kinda cool and I just want to tell him in a special way such as "getting him a birthday card from his "daughter or son" anyone else have any ideas. This is our first child. Thanks in advance.


KrisD - June 22

We are in the Boston area and my husband is a big Red Sox fan, so when we found out we were having a boy, I went out and bought a little red sox uniform. You could always do something like that with the card. Also, at a Hallmark shop near us, I found some little blue porcelain booties with the name "william" printed on the toes - that is what we will be naming the baby (they had a bunch of different names, obviously) - I thought that was pretty neat. Poke around a little shop like that and you will get a great idea. Just try not to cry while you are doing it!! I did. That was an emotional day!! :o)


Sabrina - June 22

I made my son a sc___pbook and at walmart they had the cutest little things to deck out the book with. I got a little (2" x3") onesie, blue, with white stripes that was on a little coat hanger. that I used for the cover of the book. They had them in pink also! Maybe get something like that and hang it to his rear view mirror or place it in his briefcase or something. Another idea maybe is to get a bib that says "daddy's little boy/girl" and if you already have some furniture like a high chair or crib.. put it in there for him to find when he gets home. One more simple idea if you can't find an appropriate bib is to just buy a really cute boy or girl outfit. One that might really get to him is if you're having a son.. get them a matching shirt or hat and wrap it together. My son is three and for father's day I got him a red west coast choppers shirt and found the SAME exact one for my husband. Hubby was THRILLED to death and they are so cute to see together. The downfall? Now my husband wants to put him in that shirt every other day! lol


KrisD - June 22

You are very creative Melissa! The cupcake idea is cute. I also put a little note in the bag with the Sox uniform that said something about "I can't wait to meet you" and signed it from the baby (since we knew what we would be naming a boy). It was fun.


Jbear - June 23

Most doctors will print pictures of the ultrasound for could put the one that shows the gender in the birthday card.



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