Terrible Pain In Side

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missy - March 3

OMG--I had this horrible pain in my right side yesterday. It lasted for about an hour, it started at the top of my abdomen and worked its way down, felt like a sharp stabbing almost burning sensation. I know what ligament pain feels like as this is my 2nd pregnancy but have never felt it to this extreme before!! It worsened when I walked and it almost brought me to tears. I did call the Dr and they said it sounded like ligament pain or that the baby had a foot in my rib or something. Anyone else experience this???


Mommy - March 3

I had the same exact thing and they never found out what it was. It was excruciating, and I almost pa__sed out from the pain. Be warned, I also had it really bad in my right side during labor. I hope it doesn't happen to you, contractions plus that pain was terrible. :o(


Holly - March 3

A few weeks ago I had this happen to me too. It was on the side and it hurt bad (i was in tears). It was on my side and moved toward the front of the stomach. I asked the doctor and he said it could of been a gas pocket. He said that gas pockets are more painful than contractions. Just a thought.


Kel - March 3

I had this near my hip one time. I was in the cafe at work and thought I was going to die!! I was trying my hardest to walk back to my office without looking like a goof! I described it just like you - I felt like someone was lighting a fire on my hip! It went away after sitting and changing positions, etc. I just a__sumed it was my little on laying on a nerve.


Katie - March 3

I've had the same thing it's funny that this is posted cause I was asking my sil about this today who's a nurse and she acted like I was stupid cause she's never heard of it. She tends to do that kind of stuff to me acts like I have no clue what Im talkin about blah blah. Good to know Im not the only one who's experiancing this. I have a doctors appt a weeks from today so I will ask my doctor then. But I agree with Kel that it is my little guy sitting on a nerve



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